Does anyone know why does not have the option to host in Singapore?

(K1X455) #1

On their map, they indicate that they have servers located there and was wondering why Asia servers are no longer hosted in Singapore. Too expensive?

(Mc1412013) #2

Have u tried contacting them directly???

(Smooth) #3

Don’t quote me on this but I think that i3D will only provide full dedicated servers in Singapore, rather than individual game servers. Almost certainly due to demand and cost.

(K1X455) #4

What’s the difference between full dedicated servers and individual game servers?

Are you saying that the service DB is doing is just an instance (like a service-on-demand)?

(Smooth) #5

Traditionally, you typically get something like 8 game server instances running simultaneously on one ‘server box’ depending on the specs of the server. I believe this is how i3D are hosting most of their game servers.

While a single game server can cost something like $15 p/m a dedicated box typically costs 10x as much. Where demand is low, it often doesn’t make financial sense for a company to set up an entire ‘server box’ to only have 1-2 game servers hosted on it.

(K1X455) #6

Thanks for that input. This explains why the BLOOD Server Operator (@jemstar) possibly has to fork out extra $$ for hosting in Sydney. Maybe if we host a few more, we could offload some of their hosting cost as well and have a dedicated server.