[DNR] Do Not Resuscitate

(DNRAjam) #1

Hi guys and girls!

[DNR] Do Not Resuscitate is currently looking for players to join us to progress onto some comp games and progress further. We will be doing pugs games and having some relaxed games. if you want a relaxed Clan to chill out and have some fun with then your in the right place. I have currently been playing Dirty Bomb for about 2 years and have the experience needed to help you progress further in your Dirty Bomb career.

If your interested reply here and i will add you in game and we can talk more.


(flem17740) #2

I have been playing DB for a while.
Before going further, in which part of the world do you live ?

(Sprocketman) #3

Hi DNRAjam,

Sounds good, been enjoying the game for a while now and love to further improve my skills. But just like flem17740 said which region you are from cause I’m playing on Asian servers.