Discord server for Dirty Bomb PUGs

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Hey all! :exedore:

We have started a Discord server solely to play PUGs (pick up games) in Dirty Bomb. If you would like to play in a more organized environment, this is the place for you. We have mostly players from EU and NA, so we will be using either EU west or NA east server for playing.

You don’t have to be a pro or even a high level player. You should have at least a portion of the mercs unlocked, so you’ll be able to play most of the roles. Also a microphone is HIGHLY appreciated, since PUGs are all about working with your team. A team with multiple people who are not able to talk is not a great experience for anyone involved.

If you don’t know what Pick Up Games are, you can join the server and read the text channel called #pug-information. It tells you more details, but I’ll give the short version; we play 5v5 Stopwatch games on custom servers with friendly fire enabled. You will gain progress for leveling up and case drops like you would normally in a public or ranked match. PUGs involve more rules than ranked and we use voice channels for communicating with each other. One of the rules is the “1 merc rule”, so there can’t be duplicated mercs in one team at once. We usually have a merc ban or two, but that changes from day to day and from patch to patch. First thing you should do when you join the Discord server is to read through #pug-information. You can ask for help in the other text channels from other players or admins.

You can use the PUG bot to queue for a pick up game. You can find the commands how to use the bot in #pug-information. Often an admin will start a PUG as well, by announcing it in the discord server.

Currently we have an “amateur PUG” for newer players every Saturday, starting from 5pm UTC and will last as long as there’s enough players, so don’t be afraid to join later on. To join the pug, join the PUG Lobby voice channel. (ignore the bot for scheduled events)

Time until it starts: http://a.chronus.eu/184947C

Unofficial Dirty Bomb PUG Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/KPndpQt

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Can definitely recommend taking part in these pugs. You can normally find a PUG everyday at prime time EU and they could last all day.

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I like pugs :slight_smile:

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pugs are yeet :turtlepride:

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