Disappearing challenges?

(abelthorne) #1

I have had issues last week and this one with the clan website, with challenges disappearing.

It first happened at the beginning of last week when a clan ([MGC]) issued a challenge against mine (Les Brinkignoles [ CPC]). It was scheduled for saturday night. As I didn’t know if I would have players online, I didn’t answer quickly. On friday, I checked again and the challenge was no more online. I assumed that either the other clan cancelled it or there was limited time to answer (although we were still far from the proposed match time).

I saw that there was another challenge from another clan ([AK_]) but didn’t answer for the same reason. Later, it had disappeared too and I assumed again that it was cancelled for some reason.

But we scheduled a match with (yet) another clan (copiae renovationis [cr.]), that was due yesterday evening, that I accepted, so I know the other clan didn’t cancel it. Problem is: yesterday evening, when we logged in about 15 minutes before the scheduled time, the challenge were gone too…

So it looks like there is really a problem.

Has anybody else encountered issues like that?

(Mani) #2

Yes, we noticed the problem too. It happened to us at least two times that a match disappeared after it was confirmed by both team.

And since I’m from copiae, I can confirm that the last match you noticed wasn’t cancelled by us either.