DIRTY BOMB UPDATE: Version 16895

(EnderWiggin.DA.) #21

Added ammo stations to Waterloo Terminus & Whitechapel

/Darth Vader

Added a dot to the middle of the crosshair
Added APC path to overview map
Removed over-forgiving knife hit detection now it’s performed client side


Healthpacks no longer heal a fixed amount of health, they now trigger an active, quick regen to full HP:
Healing regen is cancelled if damage is taken
Additional packs cannot be picked up during active regen

Reduced Artillery projectile count, increased projectile damage, increased cooldown

Interesting. I expect outrage from medics, but I’m interested to see how it plays out.

(OwNLY) #22

shottys and mines… **** yeah!

btw. my configs got reset again -.-

(LeeStyle) #23

If the goal is to slow the overall pace of the game down even more than it already is (no sprint while reloading, ridiculous backpedal speed, delay in changing strafe directions) then the medic changes fit in with the pace slowdown already in place. However they those things don’t seem to belong in a stopwatch game type that is about setting the fastest time possible.

(Kl3ppy) #24

cfg reseted

Some wierd colors appear when I shoot the fops rifle (muzzle flash). Its probably a cfg prob but before this release I didnt had it.

(Mao.) #25

I really don t like this new medipack … all was good… ok for pew pew pew but with this medipack we can t do nothing!
And that shotgun one shot wtf!!!

(Ashog) #26

Nice interesting changes. Thanks for the non-immediate transmit (interact)!

But I am a bit worried about not being able to shoot while carrying objectives… What is the thinking behind that?

(BomBaKlaK) #27

Medpacks looks broken now … no more “health management” as you said in the description … let’s test but really worried about … and you can’t shoot when carrying an objective ? really ? meh looks more more like Brink … and less the good old SD games … I really dont want another fail …

(Bananas) #28

Very good changes. Please keep changing things drastically for us to test. Don’t be afraid to go against public opinion and make people rage. Just let us test the changes and see how they play.

Thanks Splash Damage!

(Evil-Doer) #29

I haven’t even hopped in yet an I’m completely flabbergasted by these medic changes. I’ll comment on the interactions with pickups after I see what that’s really all about.

Nice on the dot on crosshair an screen shake. The ammo boxes are gonna be quite interesting depending on where they are placed. Excited to see if the shotgun is fixed with the engineer.

Fun fun

(BomBaKlaK) #30

yep I’m agree to test some changes, alpha is made for. Just careful at the final choices

(LeeStyle) #31

How is one supposed to defend an objective if the health packs do not restore health immediately? The offensive team throws in concussion grenades and frag grenades putting you down in health. The medic dispenses health but wait, they’re attacking you and you’re taking damage during this process so you will not be able to heal…

(Evil-Doer) #32

Right with ya on this - without even testing this yet, it just doesn’t seem right.

(Bananas) #33

[QUOTE=Evil-Doer;431386]Right with ya on this - without even testing this yet, it just doesn’t seem right.[/QUOTE]Pug it before we jump to conclusions.

(BomBaKlaK) #34

arf … now we know ! it’s broken
nice idea but just dont work.

(.Chris.) #35

Where can I get these crystal balls you all have?

(Evil-Doer) #36

Hence why I said “without even testing this yet, it just doesn’t seem right.” - basically saying we’ll see

although, it is fairly obvious what this is gonna happen.

(nailzor) #37

Normally I can objectively look at things here and see things from both sides, but I am truly boggled by some of these changes - most of which do not require hopping in game to even play around with as I have played other games with similar mechanics - and they just don’t fit with the DB scheme in my mind.


[li]Increased EV health on Whitechapel [/li][/QUOTE]
Why not have the EV be the same on all maps? Did the EV get upgraded when it’s slow moving tires finally got to Whitechapel… and because it took so long the enemy forces were also able to upgrade their guns? I’m confused.

[li]Added ammo stations to Waterloo Terminus & Whitechapel[/li]

I thought we were trying to add class synergy to the game, create reasons to play Field Ops not detract from it :frowning: I agree with the MG ammo station on Camden, but unsure about these. Guess don’t need to play Field Ops on Waterloo anymore!

[li]Updated Carryable objective mechanic:[/li]> Carryables must now be interacted with to pick up


Once picked up, carryables must be held in-hand (no weapons or abilities can be used)

What… come on?!

Carryables can be dropped by pressing fire

I would hope so!

Can melee with a carryable by pressing quick melee key or RMB

I would hope so!

Can be returned by defenders interacting with carryable (still auto-returns after timeout)

That’s cool.

Carriers must interact with delivery point to complete delivery

Is it April 1st??! So it is hard enough to get the objective to the capture point now by it being returnable, thinking of Whitechapel last phase, now you have to press a key once in there - lets get serious around here.

The carryable objective mechanic truly boggles me. Makes me think someone has been playing too much Halo CTF.

[li]Added a dot to the middle of the crosshair[/li][/QUOTE]
Christmas in February!? Hopefully didn’t break the bank with that one.

(.haZe) #38

I think they were trying to nerf the medic a bit, which is right in my opinion even tough I prefer medic the most. The problem about that is that they nerfed him the wrong way. Someone wrote that it’ll slow down the game even more which is really bad in my opinion.

Here’s what I would change to nerf the medic but still keep it usefull since now the latest build rendered him almost useless…

  1. cut the med pack charges to 3
  2. lower the uptime of a pack once it’s dropped(to avoid pre fight dropping in cover)
  3. maybe even decrease the recharge rate of the med packs

but otherwise keep the med packs instant, because the reg often gets denied so you really have to run far behind the combat line to profit somehow : /

(tokamak) #39

I’m willing to try it out but I think there’s a better way of dealing with the medic and I already discussed it here:


You can nerf the medic’s gun, his ammo or the health he distributes but in the end the real culprit is his self-heal. As long as you’re not specifically targeting that ability (either by changing it or compensating it) then you’re only making the medic a lower asset to the team without taking away the appeal it keeps on having to egotistical players.

In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with instant heals. Instant heals are fun because they allow players to instantly sway a battle with something other than his gun. Instant heals are only a problem when a player can keep on applying them to himself that’s when either the selfheal needs to be compensated with lower combat power or taken away and replaced with something that benefits the team in a more profound way. Both options are viable and they’re both set out in that link.

(ImageOmega) #40

I tested the med packs before saying anything and it is actually not that bad. One health pack takes you to full health and it takes all of 5 seconds? I didn’t count, but it’s really fast.

Played in a UK pub for reference.

Edit: I can understand that the change may to help limit healing through damage (for any class picking up a med pack).