Dirty Bomb : Support for Linux or Proton

(A Lip Akrohk) #1

Currently, EAC has full support for Linux and Proton, please also support Dirty Bomb game on Linux.
The game now hangs and freezes after entering the main menu, and this problem can only be solved by updating the EAC, GNU / Linux users also like to experience their favorite games on their popular operating system, please us users Do not throw away Linux.
We do not expect a standalone version for GNU/Linux, just fix the EAC issues, thank you for your attention.

(Mc1412013) #2

Best bet is to ask eac and hope they can help. Might be a setting somewhere in eac that needs to be flipped. Your unfortunately not going to get any help from the devs anymore

(A Lip Akrohk) #3

Why don’t I get help from developers anymore ?! Has the game development stopped ?!
The Easy Anti-Cheat development team has done everything it can to support Linux.

(Mc1412013) #4

Sadly yes the most qe get in dev support anymore is server management for there master server to keep it running. It was a sad day when they announced the end of support and development

(A Lip Akrohk) #5

This is really sad, I wish they would make the game source available at least after the end support of the game so that the community can continue to develop it.
This is exactly why I chose free software, in the GNU/Linux culture, Free software development will continue as long as there are users.

(Mc1412013) #6

We already asked numerous times for a development kit or a way to make our own maps but they insisted there was security concerns they would have to develop and that allot of the stuff in game they used didn’t have a license for use in a distributable development kit.

(A Lip Akrohk) #7



I too would appreciate it but yes, with no one really working on the game any longer I wouldn’t hold my breath.

By the way, the main menu ui being unresponsive is not EAC’s fault, you can fix it by using this launch option:

PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

The game appears to run well, the assault course should be fully playable and you can join an online match for about half a minute before EAC kicks you out.


I use arch btw.

(A Lip Akrohk) #9

I also use Arch Linux, thanks for the help comrade (can i update the EAC manually ?!)

(Mc1412013) #10

I cant get past loading screen. Goes black screen hear music and can move mouse

Using fedora 35 just installed it yesterday on my 3 month old pc


Nope, there is nothing we can do on our end. Developers have to explicitly opt-in, that goes for BattlEye protected games as well by the way.

I have never used Fedora before so I can’t point you to a direct solution (always heard good things about the distro though) however most gaming issues are due to the following things:

  • You are missing important packages (like the vulkan ones),
  • you don’t have the proprietary nvidia drivers installed (not applicable for amd or intel gpus, those are fine and work out of the box)
  • you are running of the integrated gpu instead of the dedicated one (if you have two, like most laptops),
  • or you have your games installed on a ntfs formatted partition that, without further adjustments, won’t launch your games (save yourself the hassle and use a linux native file system like ext4 instead).

Take a look at this post, the steps outlined there may help you setup everything correctly:


(Mc1412013) #12

Ill check the vulcan thing.
Amd 290x is the video card. Yes i know its old but i dont have $2k for a new one.
Barely touch linux as every thing is windows based. But its the only distro that fully worked out of box when macs started with intel chips.
Its a 11700k on maximus xii formula(z490 chipset. I only bought formula boards. They didnt make a z590 version and i couldn’t afford the glacier board)
And the games are on the linux drive as its a 1 tb nvme drive

(Crispyprawn) #13

need linux support so i can play dirty bomb on the shitter when the steam deck comes out