Dirty bomb shuts down my keyboard and mouse

(Deaf2heart) #1

Very weird but has happened twice. This has never happened to my computer before, I built it myself.

During two separate games during the same day, my mouse and keyboard disconnected from my computer.

This is while playing dirty bomb of course. These are not wireless, either of them. Both are usb corded to my computer, and, mid-game, I unplugged them and plugged them into every usb slot available to no avail.

This disconnection wasn’t a lack of input feedback but a wholesale power shut-off. The lights on both shut off.

I had to restart my computer both times to fix the issue.

It may be not the keyboard and mouse specifically but the entire usb controller being shut off but my headset remained connected (also usb).

Very odd never seen this before.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of the issue. Love this game!

(CC_FANG) #2

Just curious – what kind of mouse and keyboard do you have?

(XavienX) #3

What the – hm…it might be because the mouse and keyboard are installed as programs and when Dirty Bomb is running, it exits out of them? Or a weird case, something I experienced with my headset, is that when the computer is turning hot, it sometimes distorts the wiring for my headset so I hear buzzing sounds. I dunno if that could disconnect the wiring inside or distort it somehow.

(Welchkin) #4

get a more powerful power supply :slight_smile:

(Remedica) #5

This might or might not help, but search for Device manager > Then open up Universal Serial Bus controllers > Open and go to properties of one of the USB Root Hubs > Power Management > Unselect the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power (And do this to all the Root Hubs :slight_smile: I hope this helps !

(Amerika) #6

This sounds very much like you have a USB controller issue on your motherboard. Dirty Bomb itself most likely wouldn’t be turning them off but it might be putting enough strain on your PC while you play to make the controller fritz out on you.

Are you plugged into your USB 3.0 slots or the USB 2.0 slots? If you’re on one I would plug into the other as they are using different controllers (they are different colors on the back and are usually labeled). If your problem goes away you’ll most likely want to replace your motherboard. And if you can’t RMA it/replace it you could always buy a cheap USB hub and plug everything into the ports that work and hope nothing else breaks :slight_smile:

If you still have the issue after changing ports then there is a chance it could be your mouse or keyboard causing it. Or it could be another USB device (unplug anything that isn’t your mouse and keyboard). If you have a spare mouse or keyboard swap those out one at a time.

Good luck.

(Deaf2heart) #7

Looked it up it was a power supply issue, sorry for taking so long to respond.

I have an overly large power supply which is why I didn’t expect a power supply problem. I specifically picked it to be more than I needed. But after unchecking the “allow to shut off to preserve power” option in the device manager, seems to have fixed it. My USB root hubs were shutting off. Never seen this before so I had no idea this was the cause, thank you for your insight everyone!

Very weird but I guess DB is os extreme!!! it takes more power. Haha. That or something I’m not noticing is eating up power.

Definitely look into your device manager if you see the same problem, has solved it for me.\

I have a logitech razor for a mouse and an extremely basic, simple logitech keyboard. Like the cheapest one possible I think.

(Remedica) #8

Good thing that it worked ! :slight_smile:

(Gumward) #9

Same thing happens to my ps4.
It stops me from connecting any other controller and i have to reset the console to get my controllers to work again.
And its only in this gamemode too