Dirty Bomb Restoration

(Yukiwoski) #1

so since Dirty Bomb is going downhill in some kind of way development-wise I’d suggest that we are able to donate to the developers so we can invest in the development of Dirty Bomb it’s surely going to cost thousands of dollars to continue with the development of the game however with a strong community you can reach anything that’s why I’d suggest that Dirty Bomb gets its own donation website so the devs can keep on doing development in this game since it really is a great game and I don’t want to die it out anytime soon in case there’s anything else we can do as a community to make the player base of Dirty Bomb grow or help the developers in any kind of way we should be able to know

(Nail) #2

between Gears, Halo, and the new PC game, I think they’re kind of busy, but you can send me all the money and I’ll shift it over when they have time


(Yukiwoski) #3

Lmao, you wish :stuck_out_tongue:

(Press E) #4

Doubt it would really help. What could we expect to raise, maybe 1000$ at most? We’d probably be lucky to get even that considering most people have moved on. Would have been better to “donate” by buying cases and cosmetics back when those were monetized, since that’s how F2P games become profitable in the first place, but too late for that

Not to mention SD has other more profitable series. It’s not really worth it to spend resources on a fanbase that generates a few hundred dollars a month when you have things like Gears, which give you significantly more bang for your buck.

DB is showing its age, it was on release. The best case scenario for dirty bomb is that years down the line, SD releases some kind of dirty bomb 2 on UE4 or another more modern engine. Staying with UE3 and DB’s spaghetti code isn’t going to help the game appeal to new players, which is what DB needs more than anything else really

EDIT: Another thing worth mentioning, even while development was still going, DB was losing players. Some of that’s cause of questionable update choices, a lot of it is just because this game is old and people are naturally moving on, and it’s not really appealing enough to casual players to make up for those losses. Unless they released the largest update DB has ever seen and overhauled pretty much everything, I can’t see more development saving this game. It’s already been off life support for too long

(Kirays) #5

You are underestimating the amount of money required to get back to developing DB. You’d need to literally cover SD in money for them to even consider it. You would need a bunch of big whales donating significant amounts on a regular basis and I don’t see that happening. Even if you were able to gather enough resources it would be more worthwile to abandon the current DB and invest the money into developing DB2. A fresh start with a new, up-to-date engine and without the current issues.

Nonetheless you can help the game, the developers and the community. Be nice, help people who have questions and need assistance, and maybe convince some of your friends to play the game. That’s all we can do, that and hoping that one day SD will come out and surprise us with DB2 or something similar.

(Your worst knifemare.) #6

Mabye DB will pull a minecraft in a few years and suddenly get popular

(K1X455) #7

What hypothetically can happen is that another set of fresh developers who can decipher ideas in the design document can re-implement the same mechanics on a more modern and robust game engine. They had (or still have) data gathering mechanisms that they have implemented long time ago that are still functioning as of this date but however much the data is generated, unless they have sufficient insight on what needs to be done to improve game experience index of the game, it just won’t gain sufficient credibility to be mainstream. A lot of players in the professional eSports league have commented on this and the only counter argument everyone will jump on is the lack of player base. Even re-implementing the game in UE4 at this time and age is already too late. A better engine that can leverage multi-core/thread without compromising game integrity (cheat code detection) would be a key implementation factor in moving the game forward.

I hate to admit, despite my dedication to keep playing, it will fade away.

It had the best potential but the direction of development focused on appealing to the volatile masses that had no intention to go beyond the surface of what the game is.