Dirty Bomb Overall FAQ

(Doughball) #1

Steam Trading:

Everyone loves trading and Dirty Bomb cards are no exception! If you decide to participate in trading please make sure to be very careful when conducting trades. Once a trade has taken place, we’re unable to restore items. Here’s a few things to do before accepting or sending a trade request:

  • Take your time, review the trade before accepting.
  • Ensure your trade partner is reliable.
  • Be careful for scams. (For a more in-depth guide of how to spot a scam check out this article: Steam Scams)
  • Only conduct direct trades, don’t use middlemen.
  • Never trade for money.
  • Never trade for gifts.
  • Never lend items.
  • Chat to your trade partner.

Beta Rewards:

Q: Why don’t I have my beta trinket?

A: The beta trinket was given out to players that logged in between August 28th - 11th of September. For more information please relate to the following news article:

I’m afraid that if you didn’t log-in during this period, you’ll be unable to receive the trinket.

64 bit FAQ:

How does this affect me?

Most users won’t notice the change. However, If you’re running a 32 bit version of Windows this change will impact you.

How to I find out what version of Windows I’m running?

To find out which version of Windows you’re running please follow the instructions listed on the following Microsoft Support page: Which Windows operating system am I running?

Can I upgrade my system?

Yes, if you own a copy of Windows 7, 8 or a 32 bit version of Windows you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free! For more information on how to upgrade, please relate to the following Microsoft article: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10/

Why the change?

In short, to future proof Dirty Bomb. 32 bit games and programs are becoming obsolete with a lot of tech companies no longer supporting 32 bit. The change to 64 bit allows Dirty Bomb to stay relevant to the times.

If I can no longer run the game, am I legible for a refund on my items?

If your purchases meet Steam’s refund policy, you’re illegible for a refund. To check Steams refund policy please relate to the following link: Steam Refunds.

Can I chose which version of Dirty Bomb I run?

No, after the update Dirty Bomb will only be available to play using the 64 bit client.

If I want to upgrade Windows to 64 bit, will I have to reinstall Steam?


What does 64 bit mean?

64 bit refers to the amount and size of data that a program, game or operating system can process.

What improvement will this bring?

As a player, you won’t necessarily notice the improvements that 64 brings but from a development side the change brings about an array of improvements.

Help, I’m experiencing FPS drops after the update!

Since we’ve switched over Dirty Bomb’s client to 64 bit, programs consider Dirty Bomb to be a new program, which means Dirty Bomb might not be using your dedicated graphics cards, is being blocked by your firewall and/or antivirus software. Players using a dual core CPU or lower, will notice FPS drops due to 64 bit using more CPU threads than before.

To resolve these issues please try the following:

  • Ensure Dirty Bomb’s 64 bit client is using your dedicated graphics (AMD, Nvidia)

  • Add Dirty Bomb’s 64 bit client to your Windows Firewall exception list

  • Add Dirty Bomb’s 64 bit client to your antivirus exception list

  • The default location for the exe is here: ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dirty Bomb\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGame-Win32-Shipping.exe’

Daily Rewards:

Q: How do the Daily Rewards work?

The Daily Reward system rewards players that play a full match of Dirty Bomb within a set time frame each day of the week. The reward cycle lasts for 7 days total. Dirty Bomb differs from the norm, where you dictate when the timer and week begin. The week will begin when you log into the game for the first time during a ‘new week’, which will also trigger the 24 hour reset timer.

If any day(s) of play is missed you will be unable to obtain the final tier reward(s). For example: If you play 6 days out of 7, the highest tier of reward you’ll be able to receive will be a ‘100 FRAGMENTS Case’. Each obtainable reward will be highlighted within the ‘REWARDS SUMMARY’, shown in the yellow box bellow. All unobtainable rewards are within the red box (in this case the ‘PERFORMANCE CASE’ will be unobtainable):

If you play Dirty Bomb everyday within the given time frame your ‘DAILY PLAY - REWARDS SUMMARY’ will look as follows:

Keep in mind that despite all the rewards being highlighted, if one day is missed you’ll be unable to obtain the final reward(s)! So please keep a note of when your timer began to make sure you get your hands on all the rewards, after all, who doesn’t love free stuff!

If you have any more questions regarding the Daily Rewards, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Server Connection Issues:

Q: When attempting to connect to a server I was given the error “Reservation Rejected”

Try waiting a few minutes and then try to connect to the server again, you can also try connecting to another server if available. This issue should be resolved by itself in time.

Q: I keep timing out when connecting to servers, how do I fix this?

Time-outs while connecting to a server are usually caused by the firewall blocking the ports used by the server, please try un-blocking the following ports through your Router/Network Security:

  • 7777
  • 7787
Q: I’ve been banned from a server, what should I do?

Server bans are usually given when a player is either AFK Kicked automatically or is Vote Kicked from the server, to prevent them from reconnecting immediately and keep causing trouble for the other players.

Server bans are temporary and should resolve themselves automatically in time, try playing on other servers in the mean-time until the ban expires.

The server may also automatically ban players if it receive bad network data from them, this is usually caused by poor network connection conditions on the players side.

The Instruction at 0x Referenced Memory at 0x The memory could not be read:

Q: My game crashes with the error “The Instruction at 0x####### referenced memory at 0x########. The memory could not be read”.

This error can be caused by a variety of factors which vary between users. The error code also differs between users. Listed below are some steps that could resolve the issue:

  1. Verify Integrity of Game Files
  2. Reinstall Dirty Bomb
  3. Update Windows
  4. Update GPU drivers (Nvidia, AMD)
  5. Disable background applications
  6. Disable ‘Nvidia Shadowplay’
  7. Run a SFC scan (Please click here for more information)

Dirty Bomb Goes Free - FAQ:

What happened to all my RADs?

Dirty Bomb going free means we’re also removing our premium currency RADs. If you were hoarding those RADs, don’t fret, all RADs have been converted into Credits at a 1 RAD = 20.84 Credits (rounded up to the nearest Credit). Spend those Credits wisely.

How long are servers going to stay up?

If you own a server or would like to find out more information, you’ll find the server FAQ here

Why am I getting so many Credits?

Credit earn rate has been increased across the board by nearly triple!

Why are there no bundles in the store?

To ensure we make Dirty Bomb free, all purchases that only used RADs have been removed from the game.

Where are the Steam DLC packs?

All Steam DLC packages have been removed.

Why didn’t you bring back ALL old content?

In short, due to technical limitations all old content couldn’t be brought back, saying this, we have brought back a bunch of old cases and trinkets for you to get your hands on!

When is my All Merc Pack refund happening?

The refunds will be happening by January 31st 2019. The refund will be refunded directly into your Steam Wallet.

Are there any other refunds?

Outside of the All Merc Pack, no. However if you have recently made a purchase you may still be eligible for a Steam Refund and should reach out to Steam Support.

Dirty Bomb Goes Free - Server FAQ:

How long will you continue to support servers?

Dedicated server support won’t be stopping anytime soon. Dedicated servers will be available across regions for the whole of 2019.

Are you looking at other server providers for community servers?

Yes, this is something we are reviewing.

Why is Multiplay closing community servers?

Multiplay has released a full announcement on the reasons behind this here

I have a community server, what now?

As stated within the Multiplay announcement and email sent out to server owners, you will be able to migrate your Dirty Bomb community server to a dedicated server box. We strongly advice that you do this and all you need to do is reach out to support.multiplay.com. These servers will be set up with your specific requirements and will be able to be configured through Multiplay Support.

Will a SDK be released?

Currently there is no plan to do this.