Dirty Bomb over-all server issues

(Marten Philip) #1

So I recently started playing and I liked what I played so I saw value in investing the product.

Only to experience an extremely unstable product later on.
Contineous connections problems, Stuck in lobbies without being able to disconnect nor deploy.

It’s really frustrating when you’re making an investment to support a product only to have it let you down in the end.

These probelms have been going onfor over a week now.
And there hasn’t been any counter meassures or solutions to the current problems yet.

I find it rather unprofessional that eventhough this game is free to play, with plenty of people investing in to it to keep the product going. These problems haven’t been solved yet.

Are they actually working on it?
Or are they just sitting back counting money while we’re stuck with an unstable game?

(DarkangelUK) #2

I can confirm that they are 100% working on trying to fix the server issues… and im also not sure why you posted this in Q3Map2 Support…