Dirty Bomb not available in India (Asia)?

(Lt.Murphy) #1

hey dirty players,
today i got a beta key, then i activated dirty bomb on nexon launcher , it starts downloading and when i was going to resume it later, it says “you are attempting to access from outside of our service area” WTF (Where should Indian players go?).

(potty1) #2

[quote=“overwhelmingSalad;369”]It stated that this game is not available in South East Asia region?
do you plan to keep it that way?
I really wanna play this great game … :neutral_face: [/quote]

I know nexon America are taking control of NA/European side of things right now. Destiny are sorting out Russia and axxo5 or someone is doing south America. I don’t recall seeing information about Asia yet but I guess good news might be on the horizon?

(yaxir) #3

so Nexon America is going to publish this in Europe and NA , while Desting do it in RUS and axxo5 for SA …
hmm , that leaves us asians homeless ? :disappointed: :cry: :cold_sweat: :confused:

(yaxir) #4

Can you guide me to the source of the news you’re telling me??

(Kurnuttaja) #5

According to unofficial sources they are publishing only to EU, NA, Australia, Russia and SA. 1 client for EU, NA and AU, another for RUS and one more for SA, none for Asia or Africa. What they have going here is a mess, multiple publishers and lots of region blocks. I believe India might be completely blocked at the moment with no publisher from that area. Russian and SA players also cant play in the same servers as EU, NA and AU players.

(Mustang) #6

Correct, the game is not officially supported in India at the moment.

(Mustang) #7

SD blog is one source, sorry I’ll not be trawling through all the threads of the last 3 years to find the relevant ones though.

(Lt.Murphy) #8

@Mustang will this be available after release? Also, Combat Arms is not available in my region though it was released long back ago.

(Lt.Murphy) #9

Though i found a workaround for downloading this game, if i run repair installation (as i cant resume because of out of service area) then it starts verifying game files and will start downloading remaining files (downloading always wont start from where i left). I don’t know even after downloading, game will work or not.

(yaxir) #10

k thx, i just hope we get this too!

(yaxir) #11

It stated that this game is not available in South East Asia region?
do you plan to keep it that way?
I really wanna play this great game … :neutral_face:

(ToonBE) #12

Use VPN? I know russian players are doing it to play on EU, AU, NA servers… Will also work of you are from asia… Only problem will be your ping

(Lt.Murphy) #13

@toon i am trying that also, i am using Openvpn client (its free) with “US” proxy servers but nexon launcher failed to connect to servers if i use proxies. :frowning:

(Erasetrick) #14

use soft ether vpn client, it worked for me and i’m from India.

(Th3Assasinat0R) #15

what ping do you guys get on the various servers ? Also what are your internet speeds ?

(The99thProblem) #16

Read here for why you are incapable of playing on THIS server: