Dirty Bomb Fan Sites, Groups, Twitters, etc

(xarQi) #1

Hi guys,
So I wanted to create this topic to sum up all kind of fanpages,groups,irc channels that are being build up about dirtybomb, hope you will support them;)! We all know that this is the official forum ofcource, i will try to update this thread or if somebody knows something to add let me know!

Official Website (International): http://dirtybombgame.com
Blog,community web (International): http://dirtybombers.com/
A dirtybomb Community (Europe): http://evaczone.org
Polish DB community - http://dirtybomb.pl
Dirtybomb forum (PL): http://www.dirtybomb.ugu.pl/
Dirtybomb forum (ITALIAN): http://www.fpsitalia.com/
Dirtybomb website (ITALIAN): http://www.dirtybombitalia.it/

Interested leagues:
Online Competition league: http://www.ocleague.com

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dirtybomb
Dirty Bomb Italy Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dirtybombitaly
Xfire group: http://www.xfire.com/communities/dirtybomb

Fb pages:
http://www.facebook.com/dirtybombgame (official)

Twitter feeds:


IRC channels:
#dirtybomb @ Quakenet !
#dirtybomb.wars @ Quakenet!
#dirtybomb @ Gamesurge !

For the guys who are not familiar with IRC! Check out Sean his IRC guid:
or use the Quakenet webchat: http://webchat.quakenet.org


(xarQi) #2

Polish dirtybomb forum: http://www.dirtybomb.ugu.pl/

(ImageOmega) #3

Thanks for including www.DirtyBombers.com!

I had no idea that community facebook page existed either. =)

In case you’re adding Twitter feeds:

(xarQi) #4

np, added those twitter feeeds

(Psygnosis.) #5


I have created the official Dirty Bomb Italy group page on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dirtybombitaly

Soon we will put online the Italian official website (like Brink Italia)

(potty200) #6

This calls for a sticky!

(Dragonji) #7

What exactly makes it official?

(Patriotqube) #8

he was first :slight_smile:

(Patriotqube) #9

The Qubenet Community are atm in the process of setting up our homepage to include Dirty Bomb also

and we will be recruiting new members both for comp and pub plays

lets see how this game will be :slight_smile: hopefully superior to cod and bf games


(Psygnosis.) #10

As said Patriotqube =P The same stuff was done with Brink Italia by Raga, so we managed to put it up now !

I add also the Official Italian Community Website : http://www.dirtybombitalia.it/ - Uploaded yesterday, i’m working on it right now !

We have also the forum inside FPS Italia right here : http://www.fpsitalia.com/

(xarQi) #11

I updated the post guys;)

(Mustang) #12

Perhaps the meaning is being lost in translation. :wink:


I’m tempted to do another fan-site for this game as I have been a big fan of SD from the start and think this could be the best game yet, would anyone be interested in helping out with news posting or forum moderating if I did one? I don’t want to be running it all by myself again :confused:

(BTMPL) #14

Hi there

If you could add dirtybomb.pl - the polish DB community to the list I would be obliged :slight_smile:

Hope we can get the site rolling, I’m trying to put more and more content on the site, but the lack of news due to NDA is killing everyone here :smiley:


(xarQi) #15

added your site

(Psygnosis.) #16

Well, since Dirty Bomb changed the name into Extraction, I think we will keep our domain and steam group as Dirty Bomb, but with different logos and stuff…

So, if Italian players check up http://www.dirtybombitalia.it they will see Extraction Italia logo ! I will arrange something, maybe " Extraction " and below " aka Dirty Bomb " or similar stuff

EDIT : Facebook ITA Page is up !


(kosa) #17

Poland & Beyond


(Seanza) #18

www.evaczone.com (.org no longer in use)
www.twitter.com/evaczone (waiting for potty to take his personal stuff off there)

(kosa) #19

plz. help Polish extraction channel, tx

(NuclearShark) #20

I founded a community-driven Extraction channel where players can submit Extraction videos for other players to see. For players by players.