Dirty Bomb Community Update

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Hi all,

I thought I would try to congregate as much general information as possible about the game as I’m sure not everyone browses all avenues of potential tidbits. Some may be known to you, some not, but I thought it’d be nice to have it all in one place instead of scattered all over.
**disclaimer - this is my own personal post and NOT an official update


In an attempt to try and fix the servers once and for all, some changes were made to the servers and the way they are run. These changes occured at the beginning of the week and were staggered across regions, hopefully the change have fixed the issues previously seen.



Changes were done to the FACEIT Points distribution and now the top 100 players will receive points at the end of each season, along with this change the cost of FACEIT cards were also reduced significantly to make them easier to obtain, a rundown of the earning rate and cost can be found here. It’s also worth pointing out that FACEIT points are universal, and points earned from playing other FACEIT supported games can be used to purchase DB skins. DB Season 2 will end on the 10th and points will automatically be paid out the day after.

Joining Issues

We’re aware of issues with users joining matches or the joining process not working properly. Mods have the ability to restart the match session to alleviate these issues, however due to how the FACEIT chat and message system works, username @mentions don’t deliver a notification to the mods to alert them so will only be seen if we’re actively sitting watching chat, also raising a Call from within the match lobby unfortunately doesn’t notify the mods of a problem. The best option we have is to ping one of the mods on Discord and request a match restart (myself, Kirays, HonourBound and ADETONIAN who assists with supporting FACEIT). It’s not an ideal solution and unfortunately the mods may not be available, but we’ll try to do our best to get to you if we can.

Player Penalties

We realise that player penalties aren’t active at the moment except for the 5min queue ban for not accepting when the initial match pops, we understand that this can be very frustrating especially after you’ve been queuing for a long time to get a game, and quitters/griefers can be infuriating. Users can report these players to the mods, but sufficient evidence MUST be provided before we can take action as we have no logs to go from and can’t spectate matches. Video evidence is preferred but screenshots and console logs that show sufficient information will suffice.


Splash Damage have kicked off a weekend login bonus starting today and running till Monday the 9th of Oct

Friday – Weapon Case Key & 1 Day Credit Booster
Saturday – 2,500 Fragments & 1 Day Credit Booster
Sunday – Loadout Case & 1 Day Credit Booster
Monday – 250 RADs & 1 Day Credit Booster


SD are currently hiring for a new Community Manager, Moobs is still looking after the social side of things

Main dev focus at the moment seems to be ongoing server issues

I know there isn’t much information but I wanted to stick to facts, if I find out more information regarding the future of DB I will let you all know.

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thanks for this summary

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  • Good job of bringing all of that information from many places to one place, appreciated and some I hadn’t even heard of.
  • Cheers, indeed!


  • Yeah, I noticed quite if you get, like saucy and porridge like gameplay at one Stockholm server last night, but Frankfurt worked better.

Nice to see potential fixes and solutions are being created.


Splash Damage have kicked off a weekend login bonus starting today and running till Monday the 9th of Oct[/quote]

  • Was indeed nice surprise! :smiley:
  • Yay and that’s good for the moment being.

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Next community manager should be a “Filthy Casual”.