(melc_av) #1

Hello all,
Some months ago, I saw Dingenskirchen beta 2 for multipayer, made by KeMoN and orher guy.
The map is very impressive and I’m wondering if it’s any chance to be realised for single player as well.
I don’t know if it is very hard or not. I know that Vicpas ported beach from mp in sp as well.
If the authors are agree maybe is realisable.

(KeMoN) #2

Hello melc_av,

Thank you for your interest in the map. The “other guy” you mentioned is phisherman.
After releasing beta 1 we also included this note regarding a coop version:

  • RtCW COOP version
    The .map file is planned to be released once we reach a stable version. What happens from that point on is not in our responisbility. If someone creates a COOP version, he definitely should do that, since it also tells us that our map is being accepted to a greater extent. An official COOP version by phisherman and me will not be made.

So far, this hasn’t changed. However, we did release the map sources here. Anyone who wants to give it a go is very welcome to do so.

(melc_av) #3

Thank you for answer KeMoN.
Sorry for forgeten author Phisherman.
Thanks for your release code. Maybe another mapper will be interested by this map.

(melc_av) #4

Amasing work

(ronboy) #5

Maybe I’ll include it in a project some day. Not for Castle Wewelsburg, of course. But maybe for another future project. :wink:

(vicpas) #6

Promotional video: