Devs don't care about their players

(bunnyhopping) #1

Devs clearly don’t give a fuck about their playerbase, there’s plenty of ppl unable to launch the game since last windows 10 update which was about a week ago for most, yet devs seem to ignore the issue. I’ve been frustatingly trying to fix for the past week without any result. Clearly devs aren’t making haste of the issue either.
This is an absolute joke to me, no usefull responses of the devs whatsoever have been posted, in fact it seems that staff rather spend times making silly youtube videos than actually fixing their fking game.

(Wintergreen) #2

Windows 10 is trash. That’s about all I have to contribute to this.

(belstgut) #3

Game needs a linux port

(Skyler) #4

(reposted my own comment from another thread)

ive been having problems with dirty bomb not starting, windows 10, but i have figured out a way so far every day for the past week and half, able to get it started, first restart pc, (shouldnt have to restart, but makes sure everything is “freesh”) open steam, launch dirty bomb, then open task manager, find dirtybomb.exe, and end task, do not end task on eac (easyanticheat) then launch dirty bomb again, wait 10 seconds and launch again. usually 2-4 launches usually triggers the splash page for dirty bomb and loads the game. also to make a note, i do not own avast anti virus. (disabling my anti virus and firewall did not work for me), but im able to play the game the way i have listed above

(reposted my own comment from another thread)

if this helped anyone, im glad