Devs actually did the opposite to Javelin than what we wanted

(HadronZodiac) #1

We all wanted javelin to be more practical, aka a better fire support, and all the noobs still wanted to see javelin get nerfed

But in reality only the noobs got what they wanted

Although the EV DPM change from 666 to 713, it still takes 3 ev shots to take it out, and therefor makes the time needed (originally 60) to now 70 seconds. And of course her assault self has been nerfed, which makes no sense as she now does what she was designed to do, be a fire support AND an assault, but now we are only getting fire support (not what we payed for i might add)

(Jigstraw) #2

i’m content with where javelin is and don’t want them to touch her anymore.

Nader could use some more nerfs though.

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

Javs in a good spot right now. She can one shot generators, is much better at ammo giving, and her rocket radius isnt as cheap anymore.

Fixed it for you.

(Jigstraw) #4

I mean lets be real, proxy’s a fucking joke. The only change i’d make is introducing an exception to the FF off instances of mines, so that badly placed mines by teammate proxies could be dealt with instead of avoided because there’s nothing else you can do about it.

I can honestly say that in the last 6 months, i’ve taken more deaths to teammate proxy mines in retarded places than enemy proxy mines in smart places or even wombo combos.

(HELGA_bunga) #5

you dont even play the game sucker


Javelin is probably as good as she’s gonna get without a full major rework tbh. There’s only so many ways you can try to fit a rocket launcher merc into an otherwise high TTK game. Who cares if she can easily blow up the EV either, there are so many other mercs that can do it, do we really need another who does the exact same thing with a slight spin?

And javelin as she was on release? You’re really complaining about that? It was an absolute nightmare. Her ammo ability was leaps and bounds over everyone else, and hell, you don’t even need to destroy the EV when everyone on the enemy team is instagibbed because the rocket launcher was such a meme. So yeah, they were right to nerf her. And it wasn’t just noobs calling for that either.

Regardless, even if noobs were the only ones who wanted a change, that’s still a problem. Games are about more than just what’s balanced, they’re about what’s fun. If all of your casual players absolutely hate something, a rework probably isn’t a bad idea. Of course you don’t want to make things too casual, but considering the significant drop in player population after javelin was released, it’s probably not a bad idea to at least pay attention to these complaints.

Nader needing nerfs? Even after the last one? She’s basically a nerfed version of fragger already. Her grenades are so painfully easy to dodge that the only way she can really kill you is either by a direct hit, which is no worse than fletcher’s direct hits, or by managing to corner you. And at that point, she deserves the kill.
Sure she can spam grenades, but she’s also extremely vulnerable while she does it. Her grenades are more for flushing people out than anything, which really isn’t so bad.

Coming from someone who mains squishy mercs, she’s fine. Just strategize like you would against any other merc.

(Jigstraw) #7

all explosives have been buffed a lot by the removal of the explosive collision mechanic though. In the past, a direct hit in a group of enemies would only do significant damage to the person that was directly hit due to their hitbox shielding everyone behind them. That’s no longer the case, and a good nader (or even a lucky shot) can spread a ton of damage around. the same applies to everyone with explosives of course, but nader can do it more often. I liken it to hitting sniper bodyshots. They’re not dead, but they’re pretty much useless in a fight until someone heals them; except when it’s coming from a nader, it can be applied to multiple people at once instead of just the one person. I’m not one to complain a ton about nader, as i consider her the assault merc with the highest skill ceiling in spite of how easy she can be to play at the minimum level needed to contribute to her team, but there’s really no denying she’s becoming one of the strongest mercs in the game with so many other mercs taking significant nerfs while nader went untouched for years.

Personally what i’d like to see is a decrease in the nade cooldown, but a reduction in the total stack of nades she can carry. Just cut down on the “i’mma spam 6 nades in 10s” tactics and make them play a little smarter and more conservative with them.

I mean, i play a fair bit of nader and I know she’s not really overpowered, but i still believe the game overall could benefit from some minor changes like i mentioned.


Eh, I don’t really think it’s necessary. Like I said, she’s extremely vulnerable while firing off her grenades, so I’ve never had a big problem with her spamming multiple at once. And as for bodyblocking explosions, I always just moved out of the way anyways. Sure you can try to hide behind a rhino, but it was so inconsistent that I usually ran away regardless of if there was someone there or not. Yeah she can do a lot of damage if everyone is packed together and refuses to move, but that’s just a bad idea nader or not.
She’s definitely a great merc, especially against bad players, but against decent ones you really have to go for direct hits, otherwise they just move out of the way and shoot you while you’re recovering from the grenade launcher animation

She’s kinda weird, I find myself using her grenades more to flush enemies out than I do actually damage them.

(Meetrock) #9

Javelin is a hybrid class. Period.

(HadronZodiac) #10

It was too much assault, not enough fire support, so no

Id be fine with her rocket doing 400 objective damage, an extra .1 second to charge, and 30 second cooldown


What’s really wrong with that though? I mean, phantom still isn’t recon enough but barely anyone cares about that. It’s just such a non-issue to me. Every merc is different, they don’t have to do exactly the same things. We have so many mercs who are great at destroying the EV and shit that I don’t see why we need more, especially when we barely have any engineers to counter it, all of which have the same way of repairing things.

Like, kira can only bring the EV to half health, doesn’t mean she’s a bad merc, just that her ability is better suited to the people escorting the EV rather than the EV itself. Stoker is the same but even less of a firesupport. You don’t go stoker to destroy the EV after all.

(Begin2018) #12

I do :stuck_out_tongue: And they nerf it too much! If we are supposed to use Skyhammer or Arty, then they have to remove Guardian first.

(HadronZodiac) #13

And many dont use a rocket launcher to do a bit more than 1/3 of the ev down


Just plan around her, it’s not hard lol. Wait until she’s far away, dies, or uses her skyshield before you call in an airstrike.
Taking out the EV is pretty brainless endeavor anyways, I don’t mind something to add strategy to that “fire and forget” meta that it was before she was added lol