Dev/Nexon Stream FAQ

(Faraleth) #1

PLEASE NOTE: This is still under finalisation. This will be updated accordingly.

Last Updated: 16/09/15 - EU Date (09/16/15 - US Date)

Dirty Bomb Stream, FAQ:


  • When can expect updates? – Right now the game is on a 2 week update rotation. It will be a content update and then 2 weeks later, a “Fine Tuning” update, then 2 weeks later it will be back to content update again. (As always, subject to change like the recent Phoenix update)
  • Why are private lobbies limited to 3v3 minimum? – This is because every time you make a server, it takes up the slot of a regular server (servers are NOT hosted from your PC). It’s about balancing resources, because if we had lots of 1v1’s running at once, the resource usage would be too high.
  • Will users ever be able to make their own maps? – There are plans for an SDK (software development kit), so that users will be able to make their own maps, however this will not come until AFTER beta and all planned content is released (most likely), due to the amount of time it would take to create. All other content creation would effectively have to be put on hold.


  • Will we ever get a “trade-down” or re-roll feature for useless cobalt’s? – Something is in the works/being discussed. There is no clarification on exactly what this might be though, nor an ETA.
  • When will we get trading? – This is NOT being worked on currently. The Steam integration for trading will take a while to make, and thus they have higher priorities with gameplay and other content right now.


  • When will we be getting more Objective/Stopwatch maps? – There is nothing confirmed on this, however there is rumoured to be a map in the works, which was also accidently left in the game files after the Phoenix update.
  • When will we be getting more Execution maps? – It’s been hinted towards that they have at least 1 other map in the works for this game-mode, but not current details.
  • Will we be getting any more game-modes for Dirty Bomb? – Nothing in the immediate future, however they are considering prototyping some ideas they have for other game-modes.


  • When will the next merc be released? – For the latest information on the next merc release, stay up to date on the Dirty Bomb news page and social networking!
  • Will “X merc” be receiving any buffs/nerfs in the future? – For the latest news, keep up to date with the stream round-ups, however if you feel a merc should be buffed or nerfed, feel free to post on the forums or subreddit! The community’s opinions are important to Splash Damage and the game!
  • Can we expect some new merc skins in the future? – Yes. No exact details on this.
  • What kind of skins can we expect? – Only officially confirmed ones right now are the Obsidian cards for OTHER mercs. (Note: The founders Obsidian cards will NEVER be given away again. Those are exclusive to early supporters)
  • Could we see another double merc release in the future? – Kira and Rhino as a double release was a special event. Never say never, but it is unlikely.


  • When will the next merc be released? – For the latest information on the next merc release, stay up to date on the Dirty Bomb news page and social networking!
  • Will we ever get a colourblind mode? – This isn’t being worked on right now due to “higher priorities”, but there will certainly be one in the future. No ETA.
  • Will we get friendly fire in pub/comp servers? – For now friendly fire is on private servers only. Community feedback will be taken into consideration for whether competitive servers will have friendly fire. Pub matches likely never will.
  • Will <weapon/merc> get balanced in the next update? – Balancing is always very tricky to get spot on, so as usual data will be gathered and analysed from 3 different sources: The community live play, internal play tests and raw sheet statistics. Depending on how these perform, will result in necessary changes.


  • I can’t run Dirty Bomb on Windows 10 very well… why? – Dirty Bomb is officially compatible with Windows 10, the issues a user might face are down to the video card drivers. If your drivers have not been updated for Windows 10 usage, you might have issues when playing games on Windows 10. Please check with your graphics card supplier/manufacturer.
  • I got kicked for “security violation”, does this mean it thinks I’m hacking? – No, it’s a bug with the anti-cheat crashing. Because it can’t detect an anti-cheat, it force-kicks to be safe. It’s annoying, but you are under no risk of being banned if you are not actually cheating.


  • For those who keep begging for the intro music:


  • Faraleth