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The previous post was mundane and for rest of us. Ideal latencies for this game actually range from 40~80ms (ideally 60ms), where the most balanced performance can be achieved across all archetypes (Fire Support, Medic, Assault, Objective Specialist, RECON). It is interesting to note latencies are affected by cloud traffic between ISPs and intercontinental links. However these are governed, some of us are more fortunate enough that the their bandwidth capacity is not a limitation which we observed early in 2017. That being said, I feel that there is still a practical limit at which Dirty Bomb can be reasonably played and what these limits are is the point of investigation.

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please educate me on latencies

(K1X455) #3

What I’ll tell you about is that your hit box appears to be in several clients. Their latencies, including yours, determine “frame window” of being hit and receiving damage; the net effect is increasing your hit box size, thus increasing your chances of being hit in several locations on the map. This has something to do with how UE3 implements replication based on this article. As your chances of being hit is increased, the applied aim punch / view kick is also increased in duration for every hit you receive on all other players shooting you.

So TLDR, higher latencies increase your hitbox proportionately.

Ideally, you & all players must have an average latencies between 40 and 80ms. The greater the variance, the more disadvantaged the higher latency player will be.

(everlovestruck) #4

What’s next?
“How many times do you reload per match?”
“How many servers are there in your region?”

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I love how you put in all caps “RECON”

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #6

I used to goof around playing with Dox on the Australia Servers so thats my only frame of reference here. This is less how crazy I am, but rather how much I’m willing to put up with to play with friends. xD

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I’ve played in Asia to play with friends. Some of those Asians are really bad, kina felt like playing with bots, would be fine with occasional rubber banding in those pings again. Honestly it wasn’t really that bad.