Destroying a deployable should increase it's cooldown by 5 seconds

(frostyvampire) #1

There’s been a countless amount of times where I destroyed a health station just for the enemy Aura to instantly place a new one. And god it’s so annoying.
This is already the case with Vassili and Aimee so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be the case for every other merc.

Just make it so every deployable instantly get +5 seconds longer cooldown. Similar to how Vassili’s HB sensor and Aimee’s SNITCH work.
Same applies to Stoker’s molotov and Redeye’s smoke if they get extinguished

(watsyurdeal) #2

Agreed, this is probably the easiest way to implement this.

(TheStrangerous) #3

That would be a welcoming buff for Bushywanka :slight_smile: