Destiny 2 is free on PC for a limited time

(binderr) #1

Activision is celebrating the PC release of Destiny 2 by offering the game free for a limited time, game director Steve Cotton announced today.

I’m downloading it! :smiley:

(geefunkster) #2

Claimed, thanks for the heads up.

(DarkangelUK) #3

Great game to coop with friends, just don’t expect much of an endgame or any ending at all

(Nail) #4

Gaming is becoming devolved, whiny bois all wanting handholding and shiny “atta boyz” for showing up, it’s turning into emotional welfare, all “I’m entitled” I want to have not earn. LOL, people wonder why SD can’t recreate W:ET, they could, easily, no one would play, it’s beyond the grasp of the modern gamer, most of who have come from consoles, it required you to learn, not be shown, it’s a different way to play, much better, more satisfying, everything resetting to 0 is what made it great, xp save ( enabled to keep YOUR server high on the list) ruined proper W:ET, imho leaderboards bring out the worst part of gamers

(Mustang) #5

Huh? What has this got to do with Destiny 2?