Dedicated server help needed

(Skater901) #1

Hey guys. I’ve got a few questions about Brink dedicated servers that I’m hoping you guys can answer.

First off, what ports do you need to open for Brink? I hosted a dedicated server earlier for some friends and I, and I forwarded the ports it says to in the guide, and I allowed it through my firewall, but they couldn’t join my game. Any ideas why?

Second, how come sometimes it says the map is locked? Quite often when I try to change the map via the server console, it will say the current map is locked, and I can’t change it. Also the only way to fix that seems to be to close the server and then reauthenticate the dedicated server files through Steam. Is the spawnServer command only used the first time, and after that you use a different command to change map?

Third, where exactly does it store the config file? The server MUST have some kind of config file for things like server password, default map, game mode, etc, but I can’t find it. Especially cause once you set server settings, like a fixed map rotation, it seems to be impossible to remove those settings…

Fourth, the setting when you create a game about whether only people of your rank can join your game or people of your rank and higher seems to be broken. My friend (level 1 rank 3) made a game, I tried to join (level 21 rank 5) and it said sorry, my rank is too high. I make a game, and then he can join me. Is it actually my rank and lower, even though the setting says my rank and higher?

If I think of any more questions, I’ll edit this with the new questions. Cheers.