DB's Major Medic Problem

(Freadanator) #21

All the medics fill a certain way of play really. That’s how I see it.

  • Sparks; She’s kinda supposed to be on the side lines to revive people from, only zipping in to toss a medpack over to someone to give them the few precious seconds they’ll need to get behind cover. She can also snipe thanks to her Revivr.

  • Aura; She’s kinda supposed to be helping to lock down a area. And because she is so quick she can quickly pick up people who are further away. Her healing isn’t attached to her either, so if she does go down and put her station is a good spot she can still provide healing.

  • Sawbones; He’s just a reeeeeealy solid medic. One medic pack can full heal-people given a tiny bit of time. And because he tosses his healing packs he can heal from long range effectively as well. He’s nicknamed Sawdaddy for a reason. And it’s not just because of his age.

  • Pheonix; He’s a front line medic. There’s not much else to say. Really fun and his healing pulse is really good. Oh yeah, self-revive as well.

  • Gaurdian; She’s a odd one, the way I see her is to prevent as much damage as possible and to anticipate when projectiles are coming. A little healing would be nice to have on her, but I don’t see how without giving her a third skill really. And we all know that F is either Pheonix’s self revive or Nader’s martydom.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on each of the medics.

(Jigstraw) #22

Guardian should never be able to heal. Her lack of healing is the only thing keeping her from being incredibly overpowered.

She’s a 110hp merc with a 100hp merc’s speed, an 80hp merc’s hitbox size, and a 120hp merc’s weapons, that can also revive teammates from a distance, and has the power to shut down naders, fletchers, fraggers, thunders, skyhammers, stokers, hunters, and potentially javelins and arties. Put healing on top of that and you’ve got a recipe for bullshit.

(Freadanator) #23

When I say a little healing, I mean very little. Like less then sparks. But yeah, thinking it over putting healing on Guardian would be pretty bad.

(Mustang) #24

I actually wouldn’t mind if Guardian had a passive healing buff aura, like the Tough augment for example (reduced health regen cooldown).

(Press E) #25

Guardian should at the very least have the tough augment on most of her cards
Due to the very nature of medics, they have to keep themselves safe and healthy so they can revive their team, they can’t be taking risks by running around at 10 HP. When you have a medic who can’t heal, you have to be careful about how you play, and minimize direct combat if you want to fill a true medic roll. That’s not necessarily bad, but it is when guardian is literally advertised as an assault medic.

I don’t really care if guardian can’t heal other mercs, you don’t really have to with a ranged revive if you can watch your teammate’s HP, but she should be able to do something with herself so you can actually make the most of her assault capabilities. Sawbonez and Phoenix are arguably better assault mercs than her just because they can heal, and yet they’re not the ones advertised as an assault medic. She’s not exactly very good as she is anyways to a minor buff would be welcome to me

(HadronZodiac) #26

Ik this sounds like self promotion, but on my crusade merc idea she has a “medical armor” that heals herself in an interesting way, idk maybe they could try that, or at least build in a tough augment into her IDS, maybe rename it to SelfProtectionSystem

(DarkangelUK) #27

SD probably have a few merc ideas up their sleeve before they’d implement community ones

(HadronZodiac) #28

I never said to add new mercs, just a better self sustain for guardian

(Your worst knifemare.) #29

As far as Guardian goes I wouldn’t mind a passive that let’s her heal a small amount of hp for every teamate revived.

(DarkangelUK) #30

Why say such nonsense when I can quote you suggesting to add a new merc? It’s there in plain text.

(Chilled Sanity) #31

I haven’t played as anyone other than sparks for 5 months now, I’m so focused on reviving that the enemy either has to finish the downed ASAP (giving me time to pop their head) or they have to kill me (which is equal parts hard since I of course don’t stand still (But surprisingly don’t spazz around too) AND bring the downed back up).

I keep reviving people instantly to the point sometimes friendlies who keep getting revived over and over type “Just let me die .d”. And I enjoy it too. It’s really up to the player honestly.

Though it’s a fact that shitty hit reg sometimes piss me off to the core. :sparks_ok:

*Fixed a dumb apostrophe I missed. REEEEEEEEE.

(Szakalot) #32

main problem is that any competent player will succeed in finishing off the downed enemy the majority of time, even if you hit revive before the teammate hits the ground.

Current medic ‚meta’ in firefights is to either kill or push off the opponent from your downed teammate as going for revive is too risky, when it exposes you to so much damage

(Chilled Sanity) #33

Never really happened to me, the enemy seems competent, though still;

I always had time to A, either boop their head B, revive the teammate or C, Both.

As I said this is my personal experience and I played sparks for really long now, I’m basically working on muscle memory so thinking about it I don’t really have any word in this.

(Jigstraw) #34

Speaking of Sparks, it kind of bothers me that Guardian doesn’t have the same get-up delay with her Bionic Pulse that Sparks does with the Revivr.

(K1X455) #35

Usually, I’m the only one in the playing public that prioritises team composition (I press TAB and find out who’s doing what and decide what the team needs). Then usually, I go medic, because no one else does the less glamorous job.

However, I do have needs myself (ammo most of the time).

If I don’t get my needs (ammo most of the time), I fuck the team composition thing up and go for fire support. I can get nearly the same support XP anyhow so… yeah. I teach the team a hard lesson by being a dick and not stiff them up. Most of the time, someone else switch to medic but by then, it’s too late. I already made a reputation of being a good Sawbones/Aura/Phoenix for the past 9 minutes of the match and I’m taking on 3 opponents without getting any support (that’s how hard the enemy team see me as a threat; not to mention how hard the system balances the game against my favour most of the time).

Solution basically is forcing the team composition rule just like in TF2, and get rid of the 3 merc rule.

(HadronZodiac) #36

Yeah cuz adding an ability is the same as adding a merc ok…

(LifeupOmega) #37

The medic problem is they make you entirely reliant on aiming, and most people can’t do that.

(AlbinMatt) #38

Excuse you! As a proud Phoenix main, I’m perfectly fine with my aim!

11% accuracy, avg of 0.2 k/d and way too many health given.

Yeah, being a medic with no uber killtastic ability can get quite annoying.