DBNation Charity Event

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Greetings Dirty Bombers,

It’s time again for us to announce another special event coming to you! We’ve been hard at work in the back room designing some spectacular new plans for this event. We’ve partnered up with an organization called Able Gamers to host a 24 hour event and tournament for their benefit.

Since this will be a 24 hour event, we’ll be including two tournaments with one for EU and another for NA. We’ve stacked our deck with casters, personalities, and hosts to help us through day.

AbleGamers is a nonprofit public charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games. After reaching out towards them we were met with great support for our plans to benefit their organization. So if you want to take a closer look hop on over to their website and look around @ www.ablegamers.com

Throughout the event we’ll have a donation link for any of those willing to spare a few coins to a very noble cause. So take a look below for a schedule of events for the day.

11am PST – 4pm PST = EU Cup
2pm EST – 7pm EST
7pm UTC – 12am UTC
8pm CET – 1am CET

4pm PST – 9pm PST = NA Cup
7pm EST – 12am EST
12am UTC – 5am UTC
1am CET – 6am CET

9:00pm PST – 11:00pm PST = DirtyBomb Talkshow with LCTR, Pixeltwitch, Adeto and INF3RNO + Special Guest: MissMurder
12:am EST – 2:00am EST
5:00am UTC – 7:00am UTC
6:00am CET – 8:00am CET

11:00pm PST – 9:30am PST = Various Streamers: GnarCandy, Bitey, potty, st00sh …
2:00am EST – 12:30pm EST
7:00am UTC – 5:30pm UTC
8:00am CET – 6:30pm CET

9:30am PST – 10am PST = Interview with the Principal Events Coordinator Craig Kaufman from Ablegamers
12:30pm EST – 1pm EST
5:30pm UTC – 6pm UTC
6:30pm CET – 7pm CET

10am PST – 11am PST = Grand Final EU vs NA on DOME and Execution Mode
1pm EST – 2pm EST
6pm UTC – 7pm UTC
7pm CET – 8pm CET

Cup Details:

Two regional Swiss RR cups for both EU and NA teams at separate times.

11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm UTC, 8pm CET Start time EU Cup.

4pm PST, 7pm EST, 12am UTC, 1am CET Start time NA Cup.

The tournament will have 4 rounds with 2 games per round. The winners will be those with the most points at the end of the four rounds to face off in a grand final on Saturday.

Visit our website to learn more, and to sign up for the tournament! http://dbn.gg/2015/11/16/dbn-24h-charity-stream-for-www-ablegamers-com/

Thanks for your help and remember to Play Dirty!

-DBN Staff Team

(potty1) #2

Casting this event like a bosss

(Faraleth) #3

Looking forward to this. I wish all the DBN folks the best of luck with it, and hopefully I’ll be able to drop by for a while and see how everything’s going. I’m sure it will be a load of fun for everyone. :slight_smile:

(MissMurder) #4

So much DB royalty at this thing! Everyone should watch!

(Ardez1) #5

This sounds awesome! Looking forward to it.

(DatAssparagus) #6

Where can I find the stream to this?

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