DB will nolonger open i would like to know why?

(HUGS1234) #1

Ever since Tuesday last week DB has not been opening i used to get a healthy 75~ FPS on low settings and now it wont even start.

AMD Phenom™9350e Quad-Core Processor 2.01 GHz
3 GB DDR2 ram
64 BIT windows 7

Graphics Card AMD Radeon 6870

Yes i know i don’t have the min specs but it was working fine before so I’m mildly puzzled

(Eox) #2

Have you tried to run steam’s game cache verification for DB ? It may fix the issue.

Aside from that, you should really try to get at least 4GB of RAM.

(HUGS1234) #3

Yes i have run the game cache verification it did nothing.

(Press E) #4

Do you get any kind of error code? Does EAC not load, or does the game’s launcher thing just not show up at all?

(Artyrim) #5

Can you be more specific? Have you installed any new program or updated some software ? It gives you a crash when you try to open it or there is no response from the game at all?

(Xyfurion) #6

It’s better for you this way :wink:

(HUGS1234) #7

DB shows no error code it runs then switches off without opening the main game just the second loading window thingy and shuts off no error code nothing it just quietly dies.

(henki000) #8

Do you get launch log file?
…\Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\Logs

(Mc1412013) #9

Do you have avast antivirus