DB Merch

(DaaDog) #1

I need a mini keychain sparks trinket for my keys plz, k thx bye

(jemstar) #2

Haha yep I want an Arty marely one!!


I really wish they’d do merch, hopefully for the 1.0 release. I almost never buy any of that stuff but I’d love a DB T-shirt

(Teflon Love) #4

SD probably could finance the game by selling “Don’t be a d1ck” t-shirts alone. Add some chibi merc trinkets and they’d be rich.

(Your worst knifemare.) #5

Once again we need medpack pillows.

And even smaller pillows can be Sparp packs.

(Nail) #6

I got some cool stuff years ago

(Sartan 1767) #7

action figures would be cool and Charatcer’s jacket

(Stokes) #8

Omg, those socks lol

(AlbinMatt) #9

Yeah, beats getting digital shinies too. It might even justify the cost, since delivering a physical item is a whole lot tougher than tossing a bunch of 1s and 0s through the internet.

I wouldn’t mind buying some Radium samples too, just to really enhance to DB experience by actually getting radiation poisoning.

(Nail) #10

lots of old watches used Radium, go nuts

(AlbinMatt) #11

Aw, so my grandpa died from a watch and not from a trip to Chernobyl? Well, he was a good story teller nonetheless.