DB = BirtyBalance

(ASD) #1


this is how DB is making balanced teams…
with 8 players I would expect ending up in 4:4 … but DB does it differetly …just watch and think about it


[UI Glitch] RIP Balance
(x3onn) #2

Game considers you as 2 players. That’s how good you are.

For real tho, this should be fixed. I guess the game might count the total players in the lobby instead of the current ones, so it counts the players who had left as well? I could be completely wrong, but I hope there’s a reason for this other than the game failing at math.

(DB Genome editor) #3

From what I heard the game starts balancing the teams right after the previous match has ended. If several people leave the lobby between the matches and they happen to have been placed in the same team, then you can end up with these skewed teams.

The question is: how long does it take to sort out the teams and why couldn’t it be done at the very last minute, just before they are revealed? :thinking:

(enigmaplatypus) #4

at least that isn’t as bad as a 8v6 on a 7v7 server :neutral_face:

(ASD) #5

its more bad …
6 vs 8 … 3 vs 5
to bring this into same basis
30:40 24:40

yes both is two players difference but with smaler numbers its more important… example
1:3 is also only two players difference same like 48:50 … but in the 2nd you will not feel the two players difference much… in the 1st you definitly feel it!

(DB Genome editor) #6

I think you missed the point: there are absolutely no excuses or logical explanation for putting 8 players on the same side on a 7v7 server where the max team size is 7

(Xenithos) #7

^^^ This. Enigma was pointing out a failure of the team balancer that I’ve noticed too where it can effectively over-ride a server’s max player count on a per team (sometimes per server) basis. Ended up in an 8v8 match when the max players was 6v6. Still baffled.

(ASD) #8

guess what happens if there are 4 players in the loby…

(ASD) #9

and now guess for 6 players

(Khuzen) #10

I was wondering the other day after a little heated conversation in-game about hidden player levels of the possibility of miscommunication between players and developers. The word “balance” seems to be used by Splash Damage exclusively referring to things like weapon balancing (damage, ammo capacity etc.). However, it seems that quite a few people use the word balance when talking about the balance of teams during matchmaking. My point is that when “balance” questions were brought up all those times in ask the devs videos, were they intended to touch on matchmaking balance instead?

I am not implying that using the term “balance” this way is incorrect, but rather that using it this way we have been could have been misinterpreted for a completely separate topic when giving feedback to Splash Damage. I think that phrasing it differently i.e. “match balance” or simply using the word matchmaking is more specific and comprehensive. If you think I am wrong about something here, don’t hesitate to correct me.

On another note, have you ever started a match with everyone on the same team, then proceeded to switch to the other side only to find that everyone did the same? One shuffle later and it became a 4 versus 1. Fantastic.