Darny3D - 3D-printed Dirty Bomb Fan Merchandise

(Andarne) #1

Hey guys!

I thought I’d make a little post here to advertise my Etsy store, Darny3D, where I’m making some awesome Dirty Bomb merchandise.

As you know I’ve been 3D-printing things from Dirty Bomb for just under two years now. I’ve made lifesize RevivRs, Katana, Phantom Masks. I’ve given away over 150 Dirty Bomb Logo keyrings over the years, and have great plans for more things to come.

I’ve been adding things to my store over time, and now have a decent collection of merchandise for fans of Dirty Bomb to purchase, including, but not limited to;


  • CDA Logo

  • Jackal Logo

  • Datacore

  • Spamtrap Trinket

  • NukeFlake


  • Merc Logos

  • Objective Reward Badges


  • Merc Logo USB Drives

  • RAD Coin Bundles

  • Molotov Grenades (that hold liquid!)

and more!

You can check out a gallery of my products here!

I’m adding other things to my store over time, so please check it out. I rely on word-of-mouth, so please also share the store around and if you’ve purchased something please think about leaving a review.

For the remainder of August, if you use promo codePLAYDIRTY’ you get a 15% discount off all Dirty Bomb keyrings and badges. Splash Damage employees can enjoy a whopping 20% discount! (Speak to GeekyBaking!) Further promotions may also be given out on my Twitch, so keep an eye out :wink:


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! I ship worldwide, and everything is 3D-printed to order. There are optional upgrades for parcel tracking available. Keyrings are packed in a padded envelope. Larger props are sent in a box and are fully tracked by default.

Do you take commissions?

I’m taking commissions for larger cosplay props, such as the RevivR rifle and Phantom Mask. As these are larger props, they take quite a bit of time to print, post-process and assemble. Not to mention they cost quite a lot of plastic. I’m also toying with doing Merc Busts again, too. If you’re interested, just hit ‘Request a Custom Order’ on my Etsy page to ask.

Aren’t there legal issues?

I’ve had a few people ask me already about the legality of what I’m doing. To answer this, I can say that Splash Damage are fully aware of the store, its contents and that it’s being used for commercial purposes.

(ASD) #2

cool stuff
how about a nuke pancake alias proxy mine with lets say 35cm across… this would be a nice dustcatcher on my desk :slight_smile:


(Andarne) #3

I do have a full-scale Proxy Mine in the works! Keep an eye out, it might make an appearance Soon™ :wink: