Daily reward reset to day 1 after day 6

(icce007) #1

My daily reward was at MK III case and today suppose to be MK iV case but it reset to Day 1.
Please fix!!!

(icce007) #2

any update DEV?, still haven’t heard any response from anybody! Do you still care about us?

(Fomdoo) #3

I just had this issue. Kind of pissed about it. Finally made it to the final crate and I got screwed by a broken game.

(HardCoreGamer44) #4

yea i had the same thing happen to me how would u like to lose that and a arsneal crate at the same time pretty much cause i lost both i was gonna open it later and its not even there

(Fomdoo) #5

Bumping this. It’s still happening. Third week in a row reset right at the 7 day mark. The cases are already terrible, the least you could do is get them working.