Daily reward bugged and will reset in over 24 hours

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Type of Bug: Daily reward bug
Description: I forgot to get my daily bonus yesterday but luckily my reset happens at around mid day (about 2PM). So I logged in today at about 13:00 and saw that my daily resets in about 1 hour so I was like “phew, I can get my daily and still get the MK 4 case this week”. So I played 1 game (which didn’t take nearly as much as 1 hour) and got my reward, but then I returned to the main menu and found out that the tier 4 case was grayed out and the daily reward will reset in 24 hours and 50 minutes when it should be just 50 minutes because 24 hours is more than a day so it makes no sense
Video / Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1187699573
Steps to reproduce: I don’t know, I guess try to claim a daily reward 1 hour before it resets
Result: My daily would reset in over 24 hours which means I won’t be able to get my MK 4 case this week
Expected result: After completing the game, I should be able to get my day 6 reward in 1 hour and not in 25 hours.
Reproduction rate: This is the first time I got my daily bonus in such a low time before the reset so I can’t tell

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My reply from the topic below:

@eliii said:

Yesterday I get this bugged view. On day 5 of 7 I unlocked 4 out of 6 possible rewards and have to wait another 25 hours for my next reward :smiley:

My timer resets (or should reset; apparently it resets earlier than the 24h period) at 22:43 and I’ve played every day before then. Messaged support about it and they say my daily reward does actually reset at 22:15 (which would have caused me to miss a day). This sounds really odd to me. Why would the timer in my menu lie? I suspect there was some kind of problem with the change to standard time and the timer for some reason resets an hour early or so. Has anyone experienced the same?

I’ve just logged into the game now and again I have another 24 hours and 50 minutes to complete today’s reward.