Daily play reward bug

(Gilamesh) #1

today i will get MK.IV case reward for play in 7day , when i complete match , no MK.IV case reward, instead the daily play reward reset to day 1

( sorry for my bad english)

(Dominique.) #2

Same thing happened to me.

(Drac0rion) #3

I had the same issue. The MK.IV case appeared about 3 days after it should and my current daily play progress got reset from mid week back to day 1.

(binderr) #4

yes, I haven’t gotten a single MK. IV case since they introduced this reward system, on the seventh day it resets to first day. Fix this fu****g bug and give us our missed MK4 cases ffs!

(Destinodk) #5

same issue here

(Jostabeere) #6

They probably won’t even see this.

(senojones) #7

i have the MK4 case in items and i get reset to day one. so i get MK4 case and 1500 credits

(eliii) #8

Same thing just happened here. Day 7 would have just started for me but it’s reset to 1.

(skyrazar) #9

was at the 6th day and got reset after this update…

(corvo13) #10

and I thought I was the only one… two days without my reward.

(Craikn) #11

Same here…got all 6 day rewards and ALWAYS on the 7th it resets to day 1…iam rly upset …

(kopyright) #12

This is still an issue. Had my Day 6 reward yesterday and waited for the last to unlock tonight, and all of a sudden it’s back to Day 1 again.

(eliii) #13

Yesterday I get this bugged view. On day 5 of 7 I unlocked 4 out of 6 possible rewards and have to wait another 25 hours for my next reward :smiley:

My timer resets (or should reset; apparently it resets earlier than the 24h period) at 22:43 and I’ve played every day before then. Messaged support about it and they say my daily reward does actually reset at 22:15 (which would have caused me to miss a day). This sounds really odd to me. Why would the timer in my menu lie? I suspect there was some kind of problem with the change to standard time and the timer for some reason resets an hour early or so. Has anyone experienced the same?

I’ve just logged into the game now and again I have another 24 hours and 50 minutes to complete today’s reward.

(Patty60205) #14

its been a month and the bug is still there. kills my motivation to play the game.

(eliii) #15

And the next related bug. I open the game, it says 2:17h to complete the daily reward - so I play ranked rather than a quick stopwatch. I complete the ranked match and suddenly it’s 23:47h and one reward missed :s

(ThunderZsolt) #16

if you skip a day (without playing), your streak doesn’t reset, but continues, without being able to get the last reward. If you skip 2 days, you miss the last 2 rewards.

Dunno if this is intentional, or a bug, but this is how that works.

(NLxDoDge) #17

Had the same Issue, played a game today at school, got 1 before the last reward. Then when I got home it did reset.

But I made a support ticket just in case. Let’s see what they have to say.

(NLxDoDge) #18

One week later and I am on the last reward again, still not fixed.