d3necro1 beta

(NecrosiS) #1

Hi I have made beta version of my new d3 map

You can download it here :home.fpp.pl

Any comments ? :smiley:

(unity) #2

lo NecrosiS

two suggestions:

imtem-placement: the chain, rl, mega, backpack (150armor) are reachable in a very short time… so the map will be very single-sided in tourney-mod and simply to be locked by the dominating person

movement: you gonne be stuck few times on your stairs in different places and the whole movement is a bit unbalanced… see wilsdm1 or phrantic2 for comparison and you ill understand what im trying to say.

but on the other side its a very good map in design, layout and graphics! :-).

Keep on good work and fix “my” suggestions and i ill love it :-).


(yuanfenya) #3

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