Custom Crosshair Tutorial + ZIP Archive

(Xyfurion) #1

For those of you who didn’t know, Dirty Bomb now supports Custom Crosshairs.

Since it’s not exactly obvious how, here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the following directory: C:\Users[b]USERNAME[/b]\Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\CustomCrosshair

  2. Place your crosshair file inside. Ensure it is 32x32 resolution and is named CustomCrosshair.png

Here is a ZIP archive of a bunch of crosshairs. [DOWNLOAD]

Keep in mind that you will have to either change the resolution of these crosshairs or transfer them to a 32x32 pixel image as these are all 100x100 pixels.

(_SnykeR_) #2

Need help, doesn’t work.
the file I placed in ShooterGame\CustomCrosshair is a 32x32, it is named CustomCrosshair.png, it is a PNG file and it still doesn’t work.
also deleted the readme existing file to see if it would make any changes.

(averagerussian) #3

Make sure you have set Crosshair Static Type as Custom in your game options.

(K1X455) #4

add this to the Zip

I got inspired from here

D9D mentioned a spaced column for left/right reticle placement so this is the final form. This amazingly works in conjunction with the Dynamic Crosshair enabled (Tri Point, Tri Bracket & Tri Cross).

This also has 3 reference aims for close, medium and long range.

(_SnykeR_) #5

already did and it just doesn’t show anything

(_SnykeR_) #6

nvm it works, but only when the custom crosshair in the pic that I put is black, have no idea how to fix that

(N3v3rNeutral) #7

@Xyfurion I followed your instructions and I got “add file here: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents/MyGames\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\CustomCrosshair\CustomCrosshair.png” sprawled across my screen when I play matches. I tried to post a picture but it’s not coming up. So can you help me cause I REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY want to try ur crosshairs.

(MuddyGrenade) #8

@Eox this should probably be pinned.