Crusade Medic (Gen II)

(HadronZodiac) #1

Gen II Crusade ( Aka reworked/balanced/rethought)

Quote - “I make it rain health, except for my enemies, for them it’ll rain bullets”

Crusade (New medic / New BR)
Name: Crusade
Real Name: Mariah Muñoz

Born in mexico city into a middle class family, she was always interested in medical work. Studying and researching to become a doctor, even though her family didn’t agree with her job choice. One day on Dia De Los Muertos, she got bit by a large bug, later finding out her regenerative processes were EXTREMELY slowed down, as small cuts and scratches seemed to stay longer than they should. Telling her parents after a week, they took her to the hospital, and found a small virus that caused it. Not sure what to do, they just gave her antibiotics. As she grew, she chose to instead of just being a doctor, she wanted to invent and create new methods. She heard of the CDA when she was young, but didn’t care much before, but as she became older she chose she wanted to help and worked on her S.M.A. independently, and later developed her Crusade-Nades. Taking her things and some portable defibrillators, she went on her way to London.

Merc Stats -=-

Hp - 110
Movement Speed - 410
Cost - 45k

Primaries - M4A1 / Hurtsall-2K / SABR-HZ
Secondaries - M9 / M15 / Caulden

Type: BurstRifle
BulletBurst: 4
MagSize: 28
MagHold: 3
BulletDamage: 10
HS-BulletDamage: 20
RPM: 595.5
EffectiveRange: 26
MaxRange: 26
MinRange: 13
Quick Acting Spread
Medium Spread

Primary Ability = Crusade-Grenade
Ability Capacity = 4
Cool Down = 5.5 seconds
Crusade Heal = 46
DirectHitHeal = 56
Crusade Blast Radius = 3.1m
Fuse Time = 1.4 seconds
Thrown like fletchers stickies, but acts like nader’s grenades, Crusade is a longer ranged medic, best at keeping her team topped up. A good strategy is to be just a little bit behind the enemy team to make it easier to heal them with her grenades. Since she can’t heal herself with her own medical grenades, she has a context action similar to javelins.

Context Ability = Smart Medical Armour
Trigger = Health lower than 80
Trigger Delay = 4 seconds
HP Containment = 80
HP Recharge Rate = 5 per second
Healrate = 8hp per second
Cooldown = 15 seconds

Health given per second is cut to half while taking damage
Her smart medical armour automatically starts healing her over time if she hits 79 or lower hp with a delay of 4 seconds, at a rate of 10 hp per second, and will not stop until she is at full hp OR the “container” runs out of current contained hp. If she hits max health before the ability depletes to 0, the ability recharges as normal. If they ability hits 0 before she can reach max hp, it will stop providing hp and charging for 12 seconds. The ability can’t hold any hp more than 80, meaning if the ability starts when your at 29 hp, the ability is guaranteed to go on cooldown. Her context action replaces normal hp regen because of her virus.

Secondary Ability - Heavy-Defib

Stats - 125% health given than normal defibs (aka +25% efficiency) /// -10% charge rate

New Augment —


Desc - +50% self heal rate

  • Lines -

(Throwing a Nade) - HEALTH FROM THE SKYYYY, (whispering) sorry kira for stealing your line
(Throwing a Nade) - Kaboom! but in a good way
(Throwing a Nade) - For a second I thought that one malfunctioned
(When reaching max hp w/ SMA) - And it only took this thing a year to charge!

The picture provided is an idea of the look of the SABR, the final product wont look like that, and of course not have that launcher on the bottom of the muzzle. - image

Ability Reasoning -

New Refib - It used to be a worse refib, making crusade care more about hp than revives (aka opposite of guardian), however its now better, rewarding players to move up towards her team and reviving than just sitting back and throwing some nades.

New BR - She is more of an support, with damage sprinkling weapons, however I felt an SMG would be too normal, and less high range, so I added a new BR to keep Crusade ranged from the enemy, and a bit from her team. It’s more of a shotgun br than a br, still giving her higher range, but not as much as a normal BR.

Auto-Medical-Armor - She originally didn’t have this, however I realized she would basically be phoenix if she didn’t have this, tossing down a nade on the floor and getting sweet healz would be an overpriced phoenix.