[Creed] We are recruiting!

(RacX3r) #1

Created on May 12th, 2011, it was our goal to spread the use of democracy and have multiple people in charge. We’ve been spreading these ideals since our origin and will continue on forever.Creed is based on both skill and attitude. We strive to help others whenever we can to show we care for the community. Led by its Council,Creed is a democratic clan and all members have equal rights to express their opinion and feelings. We are brothers and sisters and will help each other whenever/wherever help is needed/reque

If you want to be part of our clan you should visit our forum http://creedarmy.forumotion.com/
To guarantee a good interaction during games we use Discord.

We are playing all kinds of matches together and we´ve got members from level 5 to over 20.
If you want to contact us and check out our community spirit you are free to send me a message or make a post here.
CREED waits for you!

(RickyNeuman) #2

The best way to get to know us and to play with us is via discrod. You can find the details about this text/voice chat at our forum.

(KINE) #3

Allen’s YouTube channel

(NoBoty) #4


(NoBoty) #5

Boty’s channel

(RickyNeuman) #6

Very nice that some of you already made their way to our text/voice discord channel.

Here is a very nice video from on of our members doing underground with zero deaths.


(NoBoty) #7

Login from Different PC works, so that rules out account issues
Might be Chrome (works) vs Firefox (fails)

(RickyNeuman) #8

Creed is recruiting. If you have enough to play all alone check out our forum or our chat on discord. You’ll have a good time with some fun people around.

(SereneFlight) #9

Hello Creed nublings~

(KINE) #10

(RickyNeuman) #11

Hi Serene, I see you spaming this forum now xD

(SereneFlight) #12

Nope. I’m spamming here now - http://steamcommunity.com/app/333930/discussions/0/

(NoBoty) #13

Can we add or change , “we are recruiting” in the title or do we have to make a new post?

(RacX3r) #14

like this?

(ShadoWTigeR) #15

Hey! Good job guys, i hope we get more activity here

(roningoud) #16

may I join your clan pls?

(KINE) #17

hop over our forum to get details on how you can get in touch with us on Discord (text/voice chat app)

4+1 of our regulars are Dutch but we communicate primarily in English.


(roningoud) #18

I think I am going to just make a little friend clan, thx for the offer but it is to much business for me. gl with playing the games you like and I hope to see you soon.

(M@rs) #19

I applied on your forum…yeah…just so you know…

(RacX3r) #20

Yea we saw it. Take a look at shadowtiger´s comment for further information