Credit Earn Rate Before VS Now


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I decided to do the math and for anyone curious here it is

this is my comment to a youtube video:
"DISCLAIMER i do not claim my math is 100% accurate and that i could be wrong or miscalculated

in the old system it was new missions every 3 hours with a max of 3k credits for 3 missions and a 12 credit per min earn rate. so for every mission role, assuming u play for the whole 3 hours, it would be about 5160 credits max(not including time between matches)

in the new system in the same amount of time (3 hours) u could get 3747 max credits in matches(including consecutive bonus) and assuming u complete all 3 missions once and all 3 missions being 1k, that would add 3.5k totaling up to 7247 credits max in 3 hours. keep in mind that doesnt include any rerolls if u complete the missions before the 3 hour mark.

so yeah u could say it is faster now"

(Jigstraw) #2

You don’t get three 1k missions, though. You ALWAYS get one for 800, one for 900, one for 1000, and a 500 credit bonus for completing all 3.

Also on the old system, you could play for 30-60 minutes and complete all 3 of your missions, then take a break and play another hour again later, drastically increasing your credits earned VS time spent.

The time VS reward efficiency is WAY down. The contract changes have a huge negative impact on players that just don’t have the free time to play hours on end, and the changes to credit boosters only further exasperate how bad of an update this was for those players.

(Mustang) #3

If you play for 1hr/day in the old system you’d get 2970, in the new system you get 2840.
Only 4% down, I wouldn’t call that massive.

If you play for 3hr/day in the old system you’d get 4410, in the new system you get 6620.
A 50% increase, so it swings in roundabouts.

If you play for more than 3hr per day then it’s probably not great, but 3hr gametime is actually like 5hr in real life, how many people really play that much, not many I bet, also if you do play that much you’d likely have a lot of RADs to spend on rerolling anyway.

(Numbers not including boosters by the way)

(Jigstraw) #4

Your scenario assumes a nonstop 3 hour play session in both cases.

On the old mission system, I’d play for long enough to complete a set of missions, then go do something else, whatever i felt like doing or needed to do, until missions reset. rinse and repeat. So technically i could complete 3-4 cycles of missions in 3 hours of playtime.

If you account for that, i’m sure the numbers will come up quite different.

(Mustang) #5

I see what you’re saying, 3x1hr/day in the old system would be 8910, whereas 3x1hr/day in the new system is 6620.
So you’d be 35% down, fair enough.

And if you time it right for a single 2hr session in the old system you could get 5940, but for the new system only 3980.
Again 33% down.

Seems SD would rather have people playing for longer in one sitting than multiple sittings, which I’m kind of okay with to be honest. I’d guess most people have a single block of time they play games for rather than spread it out throughout the day.

(Jigstraw) #6

I prefer multiple short play sessions over a single long uninterrupted session. Games get kind of stale after 30-60 minutes, and taking breaks helps refresh you, as well as your mood if you have a few particularly bad matches and get frustrated. The old system rewarded that, and the new system punishes it. Especially with the credit boosters being on global timers instead of being strictly playtime based.

The old mission system also gave players nice, easy to achieve short-term goals to work towards while playing, which was rather good at motivating them to keep coming back.


well with 800,900, and 1000 its still close and not far by too much.
But my calculations were only theoretical, not counting any downtime.

also do u guys know how long it takes to get a new reroll token? and iirc we can hold 4 at a time right?

(Mustang) #8

For sure, it’s definitely a shift to cater to a different audience, as I mentioned the new system works for me better, I find I enjoy playing more because previously often I’d join mid 3hr window and be rushing to complete missions rather than playing the game, whereas now they just sort of take care of themselves as they’re more mid-term rather than short-term goals.

Would be nice to have some none time-limited short-term goals back again, like on a per game/round/match basis perhaps, might even help with mid-game leavers.

They did just reduce contracts by 10-15%, not quite in the 30-40% range, but it should help at least.

1 per day, there is a countdown timer ingame.

(bgyoshi) #9

This is almost a literal quote from the developers when they announced the change to contracts. The intent is to get rid of players who only play in 30 - 60 minute spurts 3x per day and get people to play a 1x 3 hour spurt.

While I hear you, it was convenient to play for 30 minutes three times a day, this is the behavior SD is intentionally trying to get rid of.

(Jigstraw) #10

But why though? Does it matter whether you play 3 hours at once or 3 hours in separate increments?

I’m still going to play an hour and take a break regardless, because I don’t like binging on a multiplayer game for that long whether it’s going to be more profitable or not. So at least in my case, their scheme failed.

(bgyoshi) #11

They want to retain players for as long as possible so that servers are not constantly empty. The problem with the old matchmaking system was that there weren’t enough continuously active players to give players a balanced experience. Having players play for longer periods of time would mean that there are more users simultaneously online, making matchmaking easier and more consistent.

Of course, assuming that contracts change the play habits of players.

(hawkeyeguy99) #12

But the problem is who really has time to be spending 3 hours in one sitting on DB? I sincerely doubt the amount of people that are not spending 3 hours straight playing DB offsets the amount of people like me who just aren’t playing anymore because we just do not have time for that. Only on extremely rare occasions do I have 3 hours free to do whatever I want and I can guarantee you that I will never spend all three of those hours playing one video game, especially not DB. There is not enough in the game to warrant me wanting to spend 3 hours of my life working towards something that can’t even buy me any worthwhile skins or items in the game. The only thing credits buy you are bronze loadouts, ability to craft things (which is also reliant on crafting items so moot) , and the occasional event trinket. Again, nowhere near close being a good reason to waste 3 straight hours of my life.

DB has 1 gamemode, on limited maps, with only a few playstyles with slight variants within those playstyles. There is simply not enough game to entice me to spend 3 straight hours. I’m not joking when I say I just don’t want to play DB anymore in large part due to how ridiculously long these contracts take to complete and the fact that I’m literally being punished as a player in resources for the fact that I don’t have the time nor do I want to put in the time to play 3 hours straight every day.

The concurrent players have dropped over 1k since December. This is a lack of content issue, not a “people aren’t playing long enough” issue. If the servers were “constantly empty” the fix is not just try to get people playing the same amount of time but in a single spurt, the answer is provide new and old people a reason to play again and that means content and not the dumb “here are some flags” type content. Like gamemodes, weapons, maps content. REAL content.