Crash to desktop

(ASD) #1


since today, i had changed nothing on my end, the game is crashing to desktop mid game… its now the 4th time within ~90minutes

im happy the maintenance message is not showing up but suddenly end the game and put me on desktop is also not funny…

looks like im not alone as others on reddit also complain about this new “feature”

whats going on?
first the maintenance terror
now this… are you trying to make the last 250 ppl mad so they run away and you can finaly shutdown?


(ASD) #3

edit: and now i dont see my server in the serverlist and randomly jumping number of total server 30 - 45
i3d webpanel show my server online with 12 palyers…
then some mintes later i was able to see my now empty server and was able to connect… looks like also the server restarted. (not record in the i3d crashcollection)

for me it helped to change DirectX 9 to 11…
hint from
was able to play ~90min without visiting my desktop

(ASD) #4

today i tested again dx9… endet up in 2 desktop visits
then dc11 and now playing without desktop visit since 45min…

(0o Won Ka) #5

all the folk i know that its happening to are on windows 7. my direct x is 11 but i am getting like 10 mins of play or sitting in game options then a crash and the other folk i know. it happens to them at exact same time like its an update to the server or somethign

(0o Won Ka) #6

hmm well my pc was running dx 11 but my db was set to dx9, changed it and testing (managed more than the 10 mins there) so fingers X

(0o Won Ka) #7

scrub that. not fixed. just crashed again but this time with error code box like happened the very first two times out the last 10 crashes b4 dx 11
someone find a fix pls

(ASD) #8

now this happens to me also with dx11… not what frequently as with dx9 but 3 times this evening

@SD whats going on here? are you trieing to get all players to leave??