Could SD just release a new Enemy Territory game?

(watsyurdeal) #1

Simply put, just call it Enemy Territory, and go with whatever art style they wanted?

It’d be almost a copy and paste of mechanics, with classes who have progression trees rather than mercs, and none of the RNG, maybe even a slightly longer ttk for more predictable guns.

Could they pull it off or no?

(TheStrangerous) #2

Sooner Bethesda will make their own “ET:Remake”, just like with Wolf and DOOM and Quake reboots.

A healthy competition with DB would be nice >:) >:) >:)

However, considering the fact, they are pandering to consoles and dumbing down their games…

(watsyurdeal) #3

Idk, I don’t think Bethesda will ever truly make a PC game, now ID on the other hand, after the new Doom I’m pretty confident.

But the thing is, I feel like the game we all want just wouldn’t be possible with the model the game has now. Class based, progression trees, only RNG is skins rather than loadouts cards, customizable sights, gun with spread and mechanics t hat unique to where each gun feels like it’s own character. Idk, I feel like this game could be so much more but there’s so much that would have to change.