Core game play and spawn camping

(Meway) #1

Halo2 spawn camping with a side of call of duty 4 hackery Please fix this. had video gif image but can’t upload here.

(lemonLugnut) #2

Don’t know why people complain about Spawncamp, if you get spawncamped, there is a reason. The whole team is performing (compared with the opponent) bad, so they can get spawncamped. It’s not harder to get out of a spawncamp then it is on another state, it’s easy in fact because of the Spawnshield. Just don’t rageshoot right after ‘reanimation’ to hold the shield. What would you like to do? Shield the spawnarea? So they can not access it? And whole team creeps and camps in it? No thats a very bad idea!
The Hackery well yes there are, but i don’t know that much about because i haven’t seen them that often (EU) yet. Maybe 3 in 1Month playing nearly every day.

(Meway) #3

I think they should increase they invulnerability time at spawn. So people spawning in do not get sniped out right away.

(MTLMortis) #4

They just need to make a no-zone for the enemy like in battlefield. Of course, that might mean redesigning spawn zones and longer runs to the front.

(Meway) #5

I’m going to have to disagree because if this is the case I would easily be able to camp the no enter zone with my buddies.

(Boto 1ava) #6

If you could LET the enemy get that close to your spawn then there must be a massive difference in skill

(Meway) #7

People quit mid game due to this.

(Mayple) #8

Its fine as it is, as long as you don’t shoot you’ll keep your invulnerability for its maximum duration. Getting spawn camped in DB is a result of getting outplayed by their team which is not the same as it was in halo as those maps were much smaller and you can position yourselves to influence the enemy team’s spawns.

Try to coordinate with your team where to attack if you’re getting killed at spawn, and focus down the healers, and make sure to gib anyone who is downed.

In a public game, maybe the game should detect when one team has a massive advantage and force a team shuffle? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shuffle vote go through.

(S_Agarwalla) #9

The thing I realized about spawn camping is that I can see it as a thing that’s not really that bad. Honestly it doesn’t happen that much in a game like Dirty Bomb, although when it does happen it is usually because the team is not playing well. If no one in your team is playing their roles, and making stupid decision you guys are going to get spawn camped. Honestly it teaches players, and it makes them try to play smart, and think harder than they normally would. I’ve gotten spawn trapped before, and it is definitely annoying, but it helps you learn, and get better at the game.

(bontsa) #10

About spawncamp there are pretty detailed discussions with tons of bad, good and better options and opinions how to tackle it. Like this just for an example.

To sum it up, it pretty much falls down to team balance issue instead of simply spawn getting too much attention. Finding solutions to that, like auto-balance, credit bonus for players who switch from stacked to smaller (i.e. 5v7 -> 6v6) team, easening team shuffle and all that sort of mechanics would help against spawncamp. No amount of balancing or extending spawn invulnerability is going to make it completely disappear, but anything is something.

One mechanic that imo needs a revisit too is wave timer, which is discussed around all kinds of boards. If spawn waves differed between teams, and for example attackers had bit shorter spawntimes due to nature of maps, it would again help people fight against enemies getting too comfortable inside their headquarters. Would also mean (as it does now too) more delay for killed spawncamping defenders to get back to attacker spawn. But timers are on completely different subject here.

Common mistake too when dealing with spawncamp I’ve seen is people getting abused thinking of solutions that would roll towards attempting to themselves alone heroistically heavenly choir getting rid of the campee’s. Believe me, I know lack of comms in pubs, but if more people were aware of being able to spawn together at the same exact moment, pick their targets while invulnerable staying still, it’d be much easier to push these derps back to defending their objective instead of sweating their arse on wrong side of the map. Can’t balance things so that 1 person can single handedly deal with issue X. Even hero engineers defusing C4’s the last second need team as their support or distraction, they ain’t doing it alone even if it would seem so.

(XavienX) #11

As I’ve said before and gotten many agrees in other threads. There should be a box of area within the spawn area that keeps you invincible the whole time until you leave that area. That way anyone that goes in that spawn area can’t kill the team that just spawned unless they leave that area, forcing players to back off because they can’t shoot a area protected by a shield until the spawned team leaves.

(Vladimir1337Putin) #12

If you are gettin baseraped, means enemies are better and you’re gettin rekt. Don’t complain for such stupid things.

(ttownjoe) #13

actually all they need to do is rtcw/et you have 2 seconds of invulnerability on spawn where you can shoot but not be killed, this keeps people backed off spawn just enough.

(ttownjoe) #14

also having user selected spawn points like in rtcw/et

(Draza) #15

Brink had a nice anti-spawncamp. There were 2 indestructible turrets placed on the spawn of each team. I don’t think it can be implemented here tho.

(LANshark) #16

maybe longer invuln (i dont know exactly how long) for when you first spawn each life so revive invuln is still quick.

(RedBeard) #17

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