Contradictory team info in CMM lobby

(DB Genome editor) #1

I’ve had this happen to me several times already: right after the rest of your team is revealed but while still waiting for some players to connect to the lobby, the UI shows the map and the side (attack or defense) you will be on. But in the actual pregame lobby you’re suddenly on the other side:

This is really annoying when you’ve started to adjust your merc lineup in function of the side you expect to play. Even worst when you don’t realize the change in time and end up with a lineup tweaked for the other role…:mad:

Also, what’s with the “and Dockyard” bit in the 1st pic? Why is there an “and” there?!?

(Mustang) #2

Instead of switching the text could we not switch the players?
i.e. Attackers always on the left and defenders always on the right

This would be a lot smaller cognitive load and a lot more noticeable.

Similar to how it used to be attackers always on the top and defenders always on the bottom.

(Mustang) #3

I just had lobby that told me I was going to be on attack, then in-game I was on defence… owch!

(alphabeta) #4

Like Mustang said: one more vote for consistency. ALWAYS place attackers on left (blue) and defenders on right (red).

(Mustang) #5

In this game it has always been friendly=blue enemy=red, so I’d actually say when on defense as well as swapping players the colours should also swap.

It was how it was with the old top/bottom design also, was slightly odd at first, but in the long run I think it makes more sense.