Continued performance issues.

(CheapSauce) #1

Hello there.

I am having huge problem’s running this game right now despite easily exceeding the minimum specs to run the game. I am trying the Direct X beta as well also.The issues started right after the latest Direct X update and I was experiencing big frame-rate drops, stuttering slideshow like performance at times when previously everythign was golden.\

Now the maps take about 5 minutes to load and often the server just disconnects me. The other issue is that the intro scenes AFTER getting onto the server take me longer to load resulting in my actually getting into the game about 10-20 seconds after all the other players. Still experiencing frame-rate drops and stuttering also.

Any suggestions to fix?

(CheapSauce) #2

also lots of random ctd’s…

(ClemClem7) #3

I think I had the same problem and then just stopped playing the game. I launch a match every week to see if it’s corrected but as there is not many players who experience this problem, this will likely never be patched or fixed or even investigated.
Sorry about that. If you can have more info or visibility please tag me so I can play again. I still have faith in this game but I don’t have time to loose on unplayable matches.

(Armuh) #4

Recently I saw that running the game on an SSD helped with the overall performance of the game, I suggest if you have an SSD try installing DB on it and seeing the affect on your performance.