Constructible, destructible teamdoor

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I’ve done quite a bit of searching, and I can’t seem to find a tutorial that explains the subject quite to my understanding. I’ve dabbled in mapping but I have only gotten to the point of designing buildings. Does anyone know of a good tutorial that can show me how to build a constructible/destructible teamdoor? Or perhaps someone can give me a step by step right here? Thank you very much in advance!!


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I’m in a bit of a hurry, so i’ll try to summarize:

  • Create a teamdoor and test it. Give it a targetname “teamdoor” and a key “track” with “tdoor” as value.
  • Make a constructible which contains nothing more than a small brush next to the door. (I think it needs to be textured with “common/clip”) Give it the same “track” key as above.

Now, the door should appear and disappear if the constructible is constructed/destroyed.

If it’s not, you’ll need to handle it trough scripting the constructible. In that case you’ll need to look at it’s “builtstart”, “built”, “decayed” and “destroyed” triggers to hide/unhide the teamdoor.

If necessary, you can try to search on this forum as well.

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Okay, I’ve done some more poking around and a little more experimenting. I haven’t quite grasped the concept of making a constructible…I have a vague idea how, just not a good explanation of it to actually make one. I’m sure now that the final product of the team door will have to be handled by a script which isn’t a big deal. Just getting to that point is :confused: If you get some more time, would you be able to walk me through it?



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for the lazy ones:

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Yeah I was on that one earlier. I still need a good straight forward explanation simple enough for a total noob to understand.

(DerSaidin) #6

The way I would do it (and did it in sottevast_b3b):

func_constructible around the team door
trigger_objective_info to construct it
func_door_rotating with flags for team door

Mapscript to allow the func_constructible to be constructed by the toi.
Use the mapscript to setstate invisible or default on the func_door_rotating when the constructible is completed/gone.

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I know its asking a lot, but would you be able to post step by step instructions with screenshots?

(DerSaidin) #8

Do you understand mapscripting?

Can you make a teamdoor?

(falconx) #9

I understand map scripting to a point and I can make a teamdoor. Making it constructible with the whole construction crates I’m lost on. I need a good visual of it.

(d3coy) #10

here is your prefab…

This is an allied constructable wall with a an allied team door in the middle. It is satchel or dyno destroyed by axis. When build the door is visible using setstate commands and usable only by the allied team.

When destroyed the door and wall are missing and the build crates apear allowing an allied engineer to build the wall and door again.


If you need to modify the script, send me a pm on here with the changes you need and Ill update the script.

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Thank you d3coy :slight_smile:

(Constra) #12

Pr3fab can you make me a prefab of axis constructable door?:P.I need it for my map:)

(Kic) #13

Here are tutorials in pk3 about everything with map file, download pk3, rename pk3 on zip and extract all to etmain folder, then in maps folder you will have map files

(d3coy) #14

enjoy… you just need to add VO stuff.

(Constra) #15

Thx man!You are the greatest!:smiley: :notworthy: :drink:
Btw:Whats VO??And if i add it to a large wall.WIll it open and go into the wall??How do i take the piece of the wall away that when i open the door i can go on,not that i open a door and it shows me inside of the wall.?

(d3coy) #16

VO is voice over… the voice you hear in the game telling you to capture the forward bunker is scripted. Take a look at a script of another map to see how the VO stuff works… but wait till you get a map built and work on it last… its time consuming and teadious and would be difficult to explain here.

(Diego) #17

VO is voice command scripting. That’s what controls the commander announcements telling you what your objectives are in the map.

(Constra) #18

Okey.But how do i set it?:stuck_out_tongue:

(brianwonka) #19

So, like I know it’s a million years later. But does any one have a constructible, destructible obj prefab I can look at? :smiley:

(WuTangH) #20

You can find prefabs in this nice tutorial:

Constructible/destructible things are under Sixth set of intermediate topics section.