compiling problem

(Teuthis) #1

I have since a couple of days Problems compiling my map. the compiling process (BSP-meta-vis-light-fast-filter-samples 2) doesn’t give me an error message, it just stops shortly before usually the vis part starts.the poblem started just some days ago and I thought it might be bacause of to large vis size and too many Portals. I thus deleted all Portals and hints but the Problem was not gone, even though the map compiled well before. I also tried the q3map2 directly using a Batch file and also from in game. same result

(Teuthis) #2

so the log gives me this error message:

************ ERROR ************
WindingFromDrawSurf failed: MAX_POINTS_ON_WINDING exceeded

anyone Aware of what the Problem is?

(twt_thunder) #3

Can this thread help?

(Teuthis) #4

I made it. there was a tiny tiny piece of a hint in the void. this apparently led to this strange error message :slight_smile:

(Teuthis) #5

no idea why but the map compiles sometimes well and sometimes not, even when I compile again without making any changes it works only occasionally.

anyone knows what this means?

************ ERROR ************
CopyLump: odd lump size (1293960534) in lump 17

(Teuthis) #6

Problem solved. Tried to compile the goldrush map file and experienced the same problem which told me that the q3map2 file somehow got corrupted. Restored the system to a prior saving point and now everything runs smoothly again. The map is now 99% finished. I needed to add some structural brushes and placed the hints. Is not as beautiful as in the first place but kept the r_speed well at 20,000 max in all areas. Added some fancy battlefield sound effects like helicopter sound with MG fire, a messerschmitt sound with throwing bombs and a responding flak fire with nice target_explosives. I’m optimistic to release the map within the next weeks. Only piece missing are some very cosmetic details where I added the structural brushes.