Compiling and running a mod under Windows

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Sorry, that’s all the help you’re gonna get. :smiley: :penguin:

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[QUOTE=Bastard;373132]For Landmines, satchels, dynamite, medpacks, etc, go to G_AddClassSpecificTools in g_client.c (around line 1055 in etpub).
Edit: You can add primary weapons here, too. If you add a panzer to the medic then he will have his smg and a panzerfaust (and they will both be in weaponbank 3). Take a look at the script and see how some weapons are added on conditions, as skill level rewards - it’s not so difficult to f. ex. make an enabling/disabling cvar instead.

For limbo-weapons just repeat the above process for other weapons.[/QUOTE]

thanx for info


but you can look in chaos mod.
(its based on etpub, also copy/paste would be easy)

thanx scenna will do :smiley:

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but dont forgett the credits :stuck_out_tongue:

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This source is no longer available. Im getting a DMS error

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Grab it from SD website.

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Sorry this is adding to an old post…

Just looked at the Chaos Mod Source Code… Very nice layout there Scenna. Everything is clean and understandable. I think I might reference to that one more than the ET or etpub one if that is okay.

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jo, you can use my mod. i dont support more my chaos mod. i now coding for a other clan/mod.

You can use the assets too, when the modname is still chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz sCenna.

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You should edit your custom status under your name on these forums :slight_smile:

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oO xD thx you. i have forgott these ^^

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I do wish there was a server running it though! Would nice to see it actually while playing… :smiley:

Thanks though!

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UltraET? A mod I play since I started the game back in 2006 :o My UltraET folder is above 300 Mo of old and new packages, a great mod. Sad it’s way to record XP makes TrackBase not tracking it… I dunno about SL.

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1337-0 for SL