compile error = wtf

(nikita) #1

cant compile the map got this problem

---- dmap ----
— LoadDMapFile —
loading maps/D:/Games/Doom
WARNING: Couldn’t load map file: ‘maps/D:/Games/Doom’
------------- Warnings ---------------
during running dmap…
WARNING: Couldn’t load map file: ‘maps/D:/Games/Doom’
1 warnings

these paths are not correct at all and he keeps wondering there

(Marac) #2

i’m not sure if i remember correctly, but i had the same problem. Try to save your map at that location and then try to compile it. Sounds crazy but i think that worked for me.

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(bigpipe) #7

Forgive me for the newbie post, but i do not know much about linker errors. But initng compile fails.