Community Question: Your Favourite Squad

(badman) #1

Now that Party in Rio has been out for a week and you’ve had a chance to check out Tito Tesla and Tree Mendez, as well as the balance tweaks for the existing Soldiers, we’re really keen to know what your squads look like. Here’s this week’s Community Question:

What is your favourite combination of Soldiers to use in a match?

Post your 14, 20, or 26 Squad Point selections (or all three!) in your replies. As an optional bonus question, why does the squad you’ve chosen work particularly well for you?

We look forward to your responses!

(KINONEZ21) #2

14- Srategic Rick (Cold Audomadic) -4- Madame (Electri-Fryer) -5- Kate (Spray ‘N’ Pray) -5-
It’s a fast team, effective againts slow, melee and no medic teams
20- Strategic Rick (Cold Audomadic) -4- Madame (Electri-Fryer) -5- Kate (Spray ‘N’ Pray) -5- Ivan (Biffo LMG) -6-
The strategy behind this team is to use Ivan’s Concussion Granade and surrond the opponet from all angles
26- Strategic Rick (Cold Audomadic) -4- Madame (Electri-Fryer) -5- Kate (Cockler) -4- Ivan (Mini Max) -7- Megan (Hamjack) -6-
This is a well balanced team in my opion, It’s relatively fast, and has every type of player. You have Madam’s long range and Ivan’s and Megan’s medium and short range, the closer you are, the harder you hit, while Kate can move from one place to a other healing.

(Norm.bone) #3

For 26 points, I’ve been using:

Rick: pistol or AR
Tesla with Otto SR
Juan with electro fryer
2 medics.

I’ve been really happy moving the fryer to Juan and Otto to tesla, since they each get 1 square of movement and three shots. I love tesla’s grenade for taking the shieldobot and deployocover out of the way.

(Warchest_Andy) #4

Assuming no prior knowledge of map or opponent my go-to squads are:

14 points:
Commander (Artillery, Hooah AR)
Madame LaHaque (used to be Otto, now Electri-fryer)
Kate (Cockler)

I like the agility of this lineup but it comes at a cost: they are fragile. Hit and run is the order of the day. Kate’s grenade can be a game-changer if an opponent has no Medic, which is not hugely uncommon at 14 points. On most maps LaHaque can maintain her distance and use the Electri-fryer to dictate the combats she is in. She also has phenomenal reach; the combination of 12 movement and a weapon with 9 range is pretty sick. Her UAV also plugs an important gap because my Commander can’t take Detecto-Sweep without sacrificing the incredibly-useful Artillery.

20 points:
Commander (Artillery, Health Crate, Hooah AR)
Madame LaHaque (used to be Otto, now Electri-fryer)
Juan (used to be Botherer, now may be Electri-fryer)
Kate (used to be Cockler, now may be Spray’n’Pray)

This 20 point team just adds Juan to the mix. My previous comments still apply to LaHaque and Kate. Juan just adds beastly damage potential and 300 welcome points to the health pool.

26 points:
Commander (Artillery, Orbital Strike, Detecto-Sweep, Hooah AR)
Madame LaHaque (used to be Otto, now Electri-fryer)
Juan (used to be Botherer, now may be Electri-fryer)
Megan (Hamjack)
Kate (used to be Cockler, now may be Spray’n’Pray)

This final setup simply adds Megan to the mix. She is nimble, capable of holding down a lane on her own and brutal as a finisher if she can deliver a Hamjack hit at close range and still reach safety. I liked her before the patch and she’s even better now. Sometimes I substitute a second Juan for LaHaque at 26 points because my Commander has Detecto-Sweep.

Lots may change if I know which map we will be playing on or if I know my opponent well. Gus may come in for Kate to allow friendly toons to be catapulted around. Sometimes I run him as a second Medic. On certain maps I prefer Ivan with the Biffo instead of Megan. Sometimes I run a Hatlacker or two. On Favela I am starting to really like a couple of Carlito’s or a Tree Mendez.

Sometimes I also put out “fun” teams to experiment with something or just for giggles, in which case quite literally anything goes! :slight_smile:

(General_Rommel) #5

Prefer 26 point games, certain maps 20 (some maps are too crowded with 26), but I’m done with 14 pt games (find them boring)

Depends on the map, and if 20 or 26:

Strategic Rick with Hoo Hah or Audomatic, depending on whether he’ll be a support toon or on the front lines. Artillery always (who doesn’t always take artillery?), and detecto sweep. In 26 pt games, usually orbital strike added to that, sometimes health crate or pills.

Usually a Juan (a couple maps even 2!) with a Botherer
Either Gus or Kate with cocklers usually, but if I have the room the Awuga 6 (probably replaced with spray n pray once I get one)
Madame with Otto (though lately with the Electri-Fryer). Sometimes 2
Dave with Biffo
Ivan with Biffo (some maps katana or lumberer)

Haven’t really found a use for engineers except for Megan (Pumpington… can’t justify the Hamjack over a Botherer or Biffo, or even a Lumberer now that it takes less energy to swing, for that matter).

In the beginning Archie was a fave.

For a time only went with lightweights.

But nowadays I barely use any of the mediums - only exception is Angela in a 26 pt game where she supplements a bunch of heavies in full tank mode (now that the DoT ranges have been reduced, can group toons a bit closer together and take advantage of her auto heal)

(Ghost5555) #6

I ususally play 26
Commander(Cold Audomadic) -4- Madame(Electri-Fryer) -5- Juan DaCova(Botherer SR) -6- Dave (Hoo-Hah AR) -5- Dave(Biffo LMG) -6-
I prefer fast action, so I chose two Dave and Madame.

(Crozzton) #7

26 pts
Rick hoo hah 5
2x Gus spray n pray 2x5
Juan bothere 6
Ivan hoo hah. Or Kate with spray n pray 5


Rick colt
Juan electri
3xmadam axe/chainsaw/kantana

(Ciakgb) #8

Crozz, three Meagan’s, I love it.

Here are some of my favorite meagan loadouts. They are NOT my only trick pony, though, so watch out because I’m not really left handed:)

(Crozzton) #9

Ye they are effective. Hate playing against it. Mostly because the opponent often take up to two days per turn in which time I have forgotten where the mines are

(Beasttekkers) #10

Usually I random my team or even use my all sud team just for fun . If I’m playing serious (not often) ill use Captain (hoo hah ar)-Juan (botherer)-la hack (otto)-Gus (cockler)-Ivan (lmg)or Megan (salad jammer).

(Sandman77) #11

All out Daves :slight_smile:

(Shiek93) #12

Would like a Tito army

(tinker) #13

a full whatever team is always fun practicing AND challenging.
no matter what size
although it will take a little till you got like 5 Ivans :open_mouth:

My favourite although I don’t play them often right now (testing many different stuff)
Commander Hoo-Hah AR Artillery
Sneaky Pete Otto Semi-Auto
Dave Cold audomatic / Knirly Knife

Commander Cold Audomatic Artillery Health-Crate
Archie Cold Audomatic
Kate Cold Audomatic
Dave Knirly Knife
Dave Cold Audomatic

Commander Cold Audomatic Artillery, Health-Crate Deploy-o-block
Carlitto Grosso Hamjak auto-sg
Megan Cold Audomatic
Kate Cold Audomatic
Dee Cold Audomatic
Angela Cold Audomatic

(Pheonixknight) #14

Captain-cold audomatic, artillery
Carlito-karma katana
Carlito close range with juan guarding his six

(MTTDTZ) #15

Dave(Hoo-Hah AR)+Captain(audomatic, Artillery+cover or health )+ Juan (botherer SR)+ Madame(Electri-Fryer)
2* Dave(audomatic)+Captain(audomatic, Artillery+cover+Pharma)+ Juan(Electri-Fryer)+Madame(Electri-Fryer)+Gus(cockler SMG)