(T Creutzenberg) #1

This Thursday (May 19th 2005) thomasc SP & MP “Once upon a time …”
will be released to the public.

New textures, loads of new sounds, all custom guis, loads of interactive
stuff and music by a great musician with over 70 releases on various
labels so far (music is copyrighted).

Some teaser screenshots from the SP version of the map:

(carnage) #2

sounds good but the screenshots are pretty simimlar to the ones realsed a while ago, and we cant realy get much info about the music and GUI’s untill u realse, can w8 to give it a test play though

btw, on the fourth pic down the monitor only casts a shodow with its outline, the GUI doesnt seem to effect the lighting

(litianlink617) #3

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