colorgrading v3

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Ok third post about colorgrading.
And since I can only attach 5 pics per post, yeah post em all!:mad:

Lets see what does Unreal Technology say to this, what is this to be used for?
Sarcastic: Look at how realistic that is ? wow that beauty, just like my photoshop skills.

Lets what wikipedia says:

So I am not an artist, but I can clearly feel how my eyes do instantly relax once I disable color grading.
Obviously something is wrong then! Do you want us to tire quickly ? go on use colorgrading! Best way to annoy us all! Go for BRINK!
Yes I am annoyed!:mad:

So you guys might say, but this color gradin is superb, it makes the image better - adds moneshine…
Then please exaplain me, why every pic with colorgrading has a smaller filesize? Prolly cause it has more detail - right?

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Last 2 pictures of each post look surprisingly well :o

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I think they are abusing the possibilities of colorgrading while they should actually adjust the light colors to get the blue, red or green atmosphere they want. The color grading and amount of fog cause the lack of details in the scene and makes it look washed out.

Tokamak’s photoshop skills are amazing :stuck_out_tongue: We can see clearly now!

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Only messed with the curves a bit.

Did I mention I like Quake Wars?

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Oh and yes I have posted about on this on Nexon forums, in October already :S

I guess it does not matter what I write. You guys will add more useless crap, which looks good at first glance. No matter if it tires a player, which will happily stop playing extraction - not even understanding why his head hurts.
Really disappointing.
Seems like you have an army of designers ready to be learnt and sold again to some other studio. Has SD become a Designer school?

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Not really a point to this but it’s a fun thing to do.

Though maybe that’s too much UT3 going on now. Anyway, no brushing or anything just adjustment layers or otherwise it would be cheating. And of course retoning one image is a completely different beast than retoning an entire map.

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Toka do you even realize you used the wrong image as base?
But yeah its fun to doctor around with these images!

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Oh lol I didn’t.

I’m currently learning to properly colour grade movies, seems like unreal engine has far less possibilities than applications like After DaVinci Resolve.

Would be interesting to see where the future will take us. Aside from different grading for different rooms, which already happens, I think that objects and character models will start carrying their own colour nodes, like is manually done on all modern movies.

Makes me wonder why we still haven’t seen actual HDR filtered games. The hyperrealistic style of Brink would’ve benefited from that a lot.

Exciting times.

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Unreal Engine has a lot of potential, I dig up a slide for you :smiley:
Well as far as I know that ain’t unreal engine, but still Unreal engine has the same capabilities. After all its a post process effect.
Yet in the case of extraction, its just removal of colors as it seems to me. Its not really enhancing it at all in my opinion.

First you need to light an environment properly, and then you can start playing around with tone mapping and color mapping. But in Extraction - its just overdone. Not making it any better. Also its not even consistent, its like an ongoing experiment for each map.

Well as they write here, you can use multiple GPU’s just for this single program, sounds like overkill for a game :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s fun to see how much you can reduce the fog just with photoshop without even touching the fogdensity. But also quite shocking.

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Well I have not even touched the subject of fogdensity this time… lol.