Color not switched back after spectating + enemy being healed while dead

(Izzy) #1

hey @NxA_Noxie ,

First, Merry Christmas!

Then, I noticed that after going in spectating mode, and coming back into the attacker team (don’t know for defenders), the score tabs still show the spectating colors (yellow and purple) for the “Your team” and “Enemy team” inscription.

Second bug for today, sorry, I had two wait 300 sec to post another thing, and I am not sooo patient, so, double post, yay \o/,

I noticed that an enemy nader whom has been healed right before (I presume) still showed the red crosses while being dead (not just downed). It lasted for quite long. I am not sure how she got healed though :confused:


(NxA_Noxie) #2

Thanks for reporting!! =)