Codename: Predator-Prey Update, AKA the February update

(Loafus) #1

The February Update, which will include hunter, the Terminal rework, and (most likely) the Phantom rework is just around the corner. While anyone’s guess is as good as mine at this point, I predict the update will release February 13th, 2018, since this day is both halfway through February, and a Tuesday.

With this in mind, we should consider what is going to be there, what won’t be in there, and what may be included or what we could press to be included in the update before it releases.

The update either will or is almost certain to include:
-Hunter with a special edition skin, possibly a “highlander” or “cacciatore”(Italian for “Hunter”)
-New Terminal, with most changes to the first objective, yet I would assume alterations to key aspects of the second objective, like making the tunnels actually useful for attackers, would come with it
-Phantom rework (SPECULATION): Either he will have more mobility without being spotted when cloaked, and his EMP will be replaced with something that can spot enemies within ~12 meters of him, or his armor(I’m american, so it’s spelled armor for me) will have more health and recharge much faster (I prefer something like the former)
-Merc Balance changes

The update will NOT have:
-DB 1.0, it’s not ready, and February is one of the worst times of the year for games. Wait till Summer, preferably before the steam sale hits
-Underground Reworks, we have seen nothing on that
-New obsidian* (event hunter could be obsidian, but I’m referring to a merc besides hunter)

These things can be included in the update, but no proper information guarantees either way:
-UI optimization/rework, It’s been mentioned a good bit, yet nothing has been shown so far
-Major bug fixes (EV warp-glitch, announcer during stopwatch voice bugged, etc.)
-New comic/animation, could be in the process of being worked on, may even be done, but we have no clue
-Ranked adjustments (not quite certain they will come out, since they haven’t been mentioned for weeks)
-Event skins and currency; not guaranteed, but it would mark 2 months since “Nuclear Winter” ended
-Fixes to weapon skins/cases (for the two skin cases I got, I ended up getting a simeon each time…)

The update will be pretty substantial, giving reason for people to purchase the “all-merc pack” exactly what they wanted. It will most likely revolve around the new merc “Hunter,” and possibly around the elusive Phantom, which is why I called this update the “Predator-Prey Update,” because it’s a game of cat and mouse, but we don’t know yet who is the cat and who is the mouse. It will definitely address some recent balance issues, showing whether or not SD is listening to the feedback for certain mercs (Fragger, Sparks, etc.). Other than that, we can only wait to see what is included. Leave a comment on what you think will be in the update, what you want in the update, or just to leave a gif of shoe’s sniping. Either way, I’ll see you on the battlefield mercs.

(Nail) #2

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