Code Errors And Launching Issues

(Denverxxoo) #1

Having a launching problem with dirty bomb i launch the game and half way through loading the game it brings up an error code ( 0xc000142) i have tried a few normal things to fix reinstalling, refreshing and a cmd command from you tube but none have seemed to work i also have my virus protector to trust this app so it doesn’t block any viruses that may be there, it should just run. however after the code error it also states the system… ( c:/windows/system32/wsock32.dll). i have tried researching no luck please inform me if you know how to fix or if i will have to give up db :frowning: ty all

(jemstar) #2

Found this Denny!

(Denverxxoo) #3

ty sm ill see if it worked and a bunch of files were corrupted…

(Denverxxoo) #4

still didn’t work even though i did the sfc /scannow
ill try the other options later